Leading companies turn to our marketing consulting services because we excel at helping them accomplish marketing mandates such as: creating tailored and practical strategies to capitalize on their market opportunities; sorting through myriad options for creating demand to determine the optimal marketing mix; and evaluating marketing programs to dramatically improve their performance. Learn how ZS has helped companies around the globe – including some of the world’s leading brands – substantially improve the return on their marketing investments.


Business Process Improvement

Streamline your sales and marketing operations

When struggling to uncover operational roadblocks and inefficiencies in your sales and marketing departments, ZS can help to reengineer sales and marketing processes and facilitate successful change management within your organization. Our unique mix of analytics, operations and technology will identify and implement the right solutions to improve your organization’s commercial operations.

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Business Intelligence and Technology

Maximize Profits at a Fraction of Current Costs

When you’re drowning in a sea of data, ZS can deliver superior business intelligence solutions that transform data into insight. Our Business Intelligence practice gives you specialized analytical monitoring and diagnostic solutions that improve your sales and marketing and help cut costs.

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Customer Experience

Design the Ideal Customer Experience—So Your Customers Stay Yours

Orchestrating the right experience is a formidable challenge, especially as selling and promotional channels proliferate.

But it’s a challenge companies must meet in order to thrive in highly competitive global markets. Customers will have an experience whether you design one or not—and if it’s a poor one, their next experience may be with the competition.

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Customer Insights

Increase Customer Insight to Make Better Sales and Marketing Decisions

A clear understanding of customer needs, buying processes, buying preferences, perceptions, and potential is essential to sales and marketing success.  ZS uses qualitative and quantitative methods spanning both primary and secondary data-based approaches to provide clients with customer insights.

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Customer Segmentation

Enable Sales and Marketing Strategy and Execution through Actionable Customer Segmentation

ZS combines marketing science expertise with decades of experience to help companies around the world develop highly actionable segmentation strategies that drive brand strategy through to tactical execution.

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Create Robust and Transparent Forecasts for Your Products

Understanding fundamental market drivers and their influence in shaping product demand is integral to good business planning and full utilization of company resources. ZS has developed customized forecasting processes to serve our clients. We merge our forecasting knowledge and experience with the industry expertise of our clients to produce collaborative results.

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Marketing Execution

Advance the art and science of marketing

The continuing evolution of data and information capabilities has transformed the marketing landscape. Today, customers have evolved in how they want to interact with manufacturers, and the decision-making process is far more complex, at all levels of the organization.

As a result, companies are looking for ways to significantly upgrade their marketing capabilities, enabling them to optimize investments, track their impact and adapt in real time.

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Marketing Mix

Maximize the Return on Your Sales and Marketing Investments

Sales and marketing organizations face unrelenting cost pressures. ZS helps sales, marketing and brand executives substantially increase the return on their investments and gives them confidence that they are making the optimal promotional spending decisions. We have helped top brands boost sales significantly and determine optimal marketing budgets across a broad product portfolio.

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Marketing Performance Measurement and Optimization

Improve In-Market Effectiveness Through Timely Insight Into Marketing Performance

Accurate and timely feedback on marketing program performance is critical to the real-time fine tuning and course corrections necessary to maximize marketing results and return on investment. ZS has extensive experience helping clients maximize the value realized from their investments in marketing programs.

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Pipeline Strategy

Optimize Return on New Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

Your pharmaceutical brands and medical products may not be generating returns that maximize your company’s substantial R&D and marketing investments. With market conditions creating higher barriers to commercial success, the pressures on R&D and marketing executives are becoming only more acute. ZS helps life science companies increase the commercial success of their product pipelines.

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R&D Excellence

Bringing business impact to the science of R&D

Successful life sciences R&D organizations create more than scientific innovation, but also deliver substantial value to their customers, employees, and shareholders. At ZS we help our R&D clients maximize their value through more targeted innovation, reduced development costs & timelines, more valuable products, and increased scientific engagement. We do this by partnering with our R&D clients to build comprehensive business discipline – strategy, analytics, and technology –to enable them to successfully deliver on their passion for patient care, scientific innovation, and business success.

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Value Proposition

Drive Performance and Customer Loyalty by Developing, Communicating, and Proving a Superior Value Proposition

A compelling value proposition lies at the heart of sales and marketing effectiveness. Tailoring market offerings to the specific needs and preferences of customers, and effectively communicating and proving the associated benefits, have become a competitive imperative. ZS has helped hundreds of clients develop and implement effective value propositions across a broad array of products and services.

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Business Development and Licensing

Identify and Evaluate Promising Licensing and M&A Strategies for Life Sciences Companies Quickly and Efficiently

Licensing is critical to maintaining a robust pipeline. However, competition for early- and late-stage compounds and medical products is tremendous. ZS accelerates the creation of business development strategies and ensures that potential opportunities are well-evaluated and aligned with portfolio and strategic priorities. 

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Contract Operations

Turn Your Contract Operations into Competitive Advantage

Life sciences companies spend billions each year in payer rebates—$40 billion by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry alone. But many companies overpay because of erroneous payer data and noncompliance. ZS can help you prevent overpayments, boost compliance and reduce operational costs.

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Customer Decision Journey

Understand and Engage Your Market

An insightful and actionable customer decision journey can give you a key advantage over your competition.

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Customer-Centric Marketing

Focus on the Customer to Increase Marketing and Sales Effectiveness

Life sciences companies today face enormous challenges in making marketing and sales more effective: reduced access to prescribers; unprecedented competition and cost pressures; customers embracing the online channel to learn about therapies; and consumers taking greater control of the purchasing decision, to name just a few. ZS helps these companies institute a customer-centric model for marketing and sales that can dramatically improve the overall customer experience, customer loyalty and revenue.

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Market Access and Pricing

Develop Payer Value Propositions that Result in an Optimal Combination of Market Access and Price

Pharmaceutical companies need to better incorporate payer perspectives in drug development and commercial decision making.  Increasingly strict payer evidence requirements and intense competition mean companies must develop and articulate stronger payer value propositions. ZS helps pharmaceutical companies create and execute optimal market access and pricing strategies.

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