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Business Development and Licensing

Identify and Evaluate Promising Licensing and M&A Strategies for Life Sciences Companies Quickly and Efficiently

Licensing is critical to maintaining a robust pipeline. However, competition for early- and late-stage compounds and medical products is tremendous, which means that if you’re slow to identify and strike deals, you could lose out on opportunities.

ZS accelerates the creation of business development strategies and ensures that potential opportunities are well evaluated and aligned with portfolio and strategic priorities.  We help prioritize promising therapy areas and products; conduct rapid analytics for go/no-go decisions; and provide rigorous commercial due diligence and valuation.  Our integrated approach allows you to answer time-sensitive strategic questions.   

Find the Right Licensing Deals – Faster Than Ever

ZS's BD&L Services help you:

  • Prioritize therapy areas, products and assets that best fit your strategic goals and capabilities
  • Evaluate more opportunities
  • Increase the speed and rigor of go/no-go decisions
  • Improve the quality of the due diligence process to ensure value is accurately assessed and expectations are realistic
  • Dramatically reduce the time to evaluate the clinical, regulatory and commercial viability of potential opportunities

Why Turn to ZS for BD&L Help?

  • We have deep expertise in hundreds of therapy areas/markets, gained over three decades of experience in the life sciences industry
  • We have industry-leading approaches to medical market research, pricing research, forecasting, risk assessment, decision analysis, deal benchmarking, and commercialization planning
  • We offer rapid analysis to ensure opportunities are not missed 
  • Our rigorous analysis of opportunities improves due diligence and deal negotiations
  • Practical advice – we pinpoint licensing opportunities best suited for your company