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Jeff Gold
Principal, San Francisco, California

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ZS Business Intelligence: Maximizing Profits at a Fraction of Current Costs

When you’re drowning in a sea of data, ZS can deliver superior business intelligence solutions that transform data into insight. Our Business Intelligence practice gives you specialized analytical monitoring and diagnostic solutions that help improve your sales and marketing and help cut costs.

What the ZS Approach Can Do for You

  • ZS business intelligence solutions help clients make better business decisions and focus on activities that have the greatest impact on sales and profitability
  • ZS business intelligence solutions have helped Fortune 100 clients improve sales and marketing operations and save as much as 25% on operational costs
  • More than twenty-five years of experience in sales and marketing consulting allows us to deliver intuitive, practical and cost-effective solutions that transform data into insight

How ZS Business Intelligence Works for You

With our experience and unique approach, ZS Business Intelligence is able to help you maximize your return on marketing investment. How? Through ZS’s approach, you can target precisely where you spend sales and marketing dollars to achieve maximum effect.

Your sales reps will be better informed about how they’re performing relative to the competition, and can understand how to improve their performance.

And with our help, you can establish reliable data management processes and stay current with rapidly changing regulations.

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Efficiency and Execution

ZS clients benefit from superior project execution—we understand how your business works, which reduces your burden and the number of errors.

And because we are strategy and operations consultants who deliver far more than IT, you benefit from superior value:

  • ZS has extensive expertise in integrating diverse sets of commercial data, developing key performance indicators and generating insight—and based on our insight, we know the changes companies need to make
  • With nearly 30 years experience in pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries, we have proven in the field our methodologies for developing, operating and managing business intelligence systems
  • Proprietary ZS assets and ready-to-use templates accelerate the processes, making your business intelligence faster and more efficient

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