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Contract Operations

Turn Your Contract Operations into Competitive Advantage

Life sciences companies spend billions each year in payer rebates – $40 billion by the U.S. pharmaceutical industry alone. But many companies overpay because of erroneous payer data and noncompliance. ZS Contract Operations services can help you prevent overpayments, boost compliance and reduce operational costs.

We design reports and frameworks for pharmaceutical and medical product companies that yield insights, and we configure your contract operations modules. Through our closed-loop process, we perform error validation and create insights that can significantly lower your contract operations costs.

Reduce Overpayments, Cut Costs and Improve Compliance

ZS Contract Operations Services can help you:

  • Reduce claims overpayments up to 6%
  • Pay only for justified claims, on time and only once
  • Reduce the cost of rebate administration
  • Boost compliance using third-party data sources to compare trends with claims data and contract terms
  • Make better contracting decisions through interactive reports with insights on contract performance (profitability, plan formulary and co-pay compliance levels, and more)

What Makes ZS an Industry Leader at Managing Contract Operations?

  • We have rigorous checks for NCPDP errors, ranging from simple (e.g., missing prescription numbers) to advanced (e.g., evaluation of formulary compliance)
  • We go beyond evaluating claims payments by analyzing third-party data such as formulary Rx and co-pay data along with claims data and contract terms
  • Our interactive reports detail payouts and payer information, and our dashboards combine payer information with insight on payer performance and compliance
  • We have extensive managed-care experience across a range of life sciences companies and contracts