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Customer-Centric Marketing

The rules of engagement with healthcare providers are changing. HCPs are more digitally connected than ever, which creates far more opportunities for life sciences sales reps to connect with their customers. But that digital connectivity also is changing how HCPs want to communicate with life sciences organizations. According to ZS’s research, 56% of prescribers now restrict those interactions. 

To succeed, life sciences companies need to evolve their sales and marketing approach, and embrace customer-centric marketing. CCM enables organizations to integrate promotional efforts and better manage communications, using rich insights to optimize the customer journey. 

The ZS Approach

ZS is a global life sciences consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience, and nearly 5,000 experts in strategy, analytics and technology. We can help you apply preference-driven analytics and automated tech solutions to develop and deploy a tailored customer strategy, delivering the right message at the right time, and in channels that your customers prefer. 

Customer engagement strategy: ZS puts customer channel and message preferences together to create data-backed engagement strategies. We use historical customer engagement data, projected marketplace changes, financial forecasting analysis and business expectations to design your optimal customer journey. Then we partner with you to deploy your plan.

Marketing operations: We build a direct link between your customer engagement strategy and your tactical plan—ensuring that strategies and content are connected so that customer responses to one tactic will influence the next. Automation is essential to efficiently deliver messages to customers in their preferred channel, which improves engagement and ROI.

Customer analytics: Our analytics solutions are built as an integrated framework to support the entire CCM process, improve overall performance and maximize revenue potential. We use:

Customer segmentation analysis to deliver micro-segments that detail customer value, content, channel and offer preferences
Marketing mix analytics to determine the optimal spending level by each segment
Customer pathway models to measure a campaign’s performance across channels for each segment over time 
Reporting solutions so that marketers can quickly determine if each campaign is performing as expected across each segment

AffinityMonitor™: ZS created AffinityMonitor™ to provide valuable information on U.S. physician preferences for life sciences companies. Our data show how nearly 700,000 physicians interact with e-mail, websites, personal communications and many more channels, compared with comprehensive industry benchmarks. With this rich data, our clients can tailor their promotion to each physician’s channel and message preferences. The result: Increased engagement and more efficient sales and marketing investments.

Orchestrator Rep™: We empower sales teams with deep customer insights on channel and message preferences, information on each customer’s engagement and a set of suggestions based on the latest customer insight. These are delivered to sales reps via an easy-to-use interface that works seamlessly with standard SFA tools.

Orchestration Engine™: Orchestration Engine™ uses advanced data science to analyze key organizational data assets—including sales performance, customer affinity, multichannel engagement and market access—that uncover changes in customer behavior. This analysis offers sales reps critical insights into why customer behavior is changing, and recommends the most effective course of action. Reps use these “Suggestions” to address the key issues with each customer, prioritize sales opportunities and enhance customer engagement.

Inside Sales: ZS uses a data-driven approach to optimize the size, target list and call frequency of inside sales teams to yield improved customer engagement and sales growth. 

CCM Technology: Our technology solutions allow us to link different platforms, directly enabling customers to realize the full potential that the customer-centric approach can deliver. Solutions include:

Customer 360 database, which houses all engagement data along with other relevant customer profile data. This database serves as the single source of “truth” about customers across the organization.
Reporting platform, which provides clients with quick insights into channel and customer performance KPIs
Marketing automation platform, which is used by marketing operations to deploy campaigns
Orchestration Engine™ (mentioned previously) 

More Engaged Customers, Better Returns for Your Business

ZS delivers end-to-end solutions that integrate strategy, implementation and optimization, with hands-on support. We stick to the highest industry standards and work closely with our clients. Combining strategic consulting with marketing planning and execution, we bring insights to light that inform a precise CCM plan designed to succeed in today’s evolving market environment.

With our expert guidance, along with specialized offerings such as Orchestration Engine™ and AffinityMonitor™ , you can make the leap from traditional tactics to a customer-centric marketing approach.