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Design the Ideal Customer Experience—So Your
Customers Stay Yours

Orchestrating the right experience is a formidable challenge, especially as selling and promotional channels proliferate.

But it’s a challenge companies must meet in order to thrive in highly competitive global markets. Customers will have an experience whether you design one or not—and if it’s a poor one, their next experience may be with the competition.

The rewards of orchestrating a strong customer experience can be immense—increased customer loyalty, greater market share and sustained organic growth. Companies must be able to answer fundamental questions in order to design and deliver the right experience:

  • When you’re facing so many different types of stakeholders, including channel partners, intermediaries, decision makers, influencers and end users, how do you identify and prioritize the key stakeholders?
  • Once you identify your key customers, how do you shape the ideal experience for each of them?
  • How do you design a customer experience that is delivered consistently across different channels?
  • How do you maximize your multichannel marketing efforts to align against the most important and influential touch points?
  • How can you engage and influence the full range of employees and business partners who are responsible for delivering the customer experience?
  • How do you track and measure progress, which allows you to incorporate customer feedback, extract invaluable insight and enhance the experience over time?
  • And, of course, how can you demonstrate the financial impact and value of delivering a great customer experience to your organization?

The rise of new channels, greater stakeholder and decision making complexity, and increasing customer sophistication has made customer experience management more complex than ever. But companies that can successfully navigate these challenges can gain an enormous advantage.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience to Ensure Organic Growth

ZS will help you take advantage of opportunities to convert customer satisfaction into customer loyalty, advocacy—and ultimately, long-term organic growth for your business. We will work with you to understand, prioritize and shape the delivery of your customer experience:

  • Discover your most important customers and stakeholders – Through market research and customer insight, we will help you identify your key audiences amid the complex web of channel partners, intermediaries, decision makers, influencers and end users comprising your stakeholder ecosystem.

  • Map the end-to-end customer journey – Only after mapping out the customer journey, touchpoint by touchpoint, can we begin to understand customers’ needs, preferences and challenges—including those that aren’t explicitly articulated. The map allows us to assess where we stand at each touchpoint and uncovers specific opportunities to create a superior experience, which can serve as a powerful differentiator for your business.

  • Improve customer loyalty and acquisition rates through Voice of Customer (VoC) programs – ZS’s rigorous, data-driven approach to VoC incorporates a range of best-in-class asking and listening methods. Our wealth of experience in data and analytics helps you develop real insight into what truly improves customer acquisition and loyalty.

  • Cultivate customer experience champions – From internal communications that engage your employees to incentve plans that motivate customer-centric behaviors, we will help you develop customer experience activation plans throughout your organization and partner networks.

  • Develop tracking systems for evaluating and refining the customer experience – Our comprehensive approach to tracking and performance management will help you assess the ongoing impact of your customer experience initiatives on key business metrics. Our custom reports and dashboards will integrate and distill data into actionable metrics, empowering your teams with the insight they need to identify and implement customer experience improvements—before it’s too late.