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Customer Insights

Healthcare providers’ purchasing process has evolved. HCPs are more digitally connected than ever before, giving sales reps unprecedented access to their customers, but that access changes their relationship to marketing, too. Can you predict what HCPs will be looking for next? 

Insights into customer behavior aren’t just valuable; they’re essential to predicting your customers’ actions in an increasingly complex market. In the healthcare space, for example, teams from across commercial development, medical and market access have to first identify a product that will not only appeal to stakeholders, but also make it through clinical trials. Then they need to determine what makes their product unique and gather data to estimate their customers’ willingness to pay for that product, all to ensure that they’re investing in products and go-to-market strategies that pay off. Other times, healthcare clients need to understand how to extend their mature products’ lives so that they continue to earn for the company, which requires an understanding of customers’ changing attitudes, belief systems, barriers and communication preferences. 

At ZS, we’ll partner with your teams to aggregate and understand customer data, and to develop customer insights that will help your business thrive.

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Maximizing Customer Insights for Competitive Advantage

Customized and Versatile Methodologies

Our experience with a broad range of custom research methodologies and secondary data sources allows us to deliver on four promises for you:

  • First, we will design the right approach to answer your questions — customized for your specific business decision.
  • Second, our diverse team members will leverage their passion for life sciences to find insights that lead to the resolution of complicated business problems.
  • Third, we’re methodology and data source agnostic focused on ensuring you get the answers that you need. Focus groups, ethnography, conjoint analysis and patient level data analytics are just a few of the tools we use.
  • Fourth, we have a breadth of business, therapeutic and life sciences industry experience that results in expert perspective in synthesizing insights from multiple sources.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Infrastructure

We know that your business needs vary. Sometimes you need custom, consultative research informing mission-critical, multi-million dollar decisions. At other times you need a partner who can execute and operationalize repetitive, standardized research. 

ZS has the capability to deliver on this complete spectrum of customer insight needs. We’ve spent years honing our onshore-offshore infrastructure that delivers the optimal balance of quality and cost efficiency to our clients. We can offer the right project at the right price to meet your business needs.

Some top pharmaceutical companies come to us for a meaningful proportion of their customer insight needs because they understand the value of a partner who provides continuity, possesses organizational savvy, and has quick access to historical information. These clients appreciate how we leverage existing market research and data analyses as well as relevant learnings from other ZS consulting work to provide better informed guidance on where to invest for incremental insight. All this means that our teams  can deliver more complete solutions than other firms can. 

The Many Ways We Bring Value

Annually, ZS conducts primary market research for approximately 100 life sciences companies. We are proud that so many life sciences companies trust ZS to support their most important decisions.  Our clients tell us that the high caliber of ZS people is the reason they work with us again and again.

In our customer insights work ZS aligns the right rigor, methodology, technique, and data with the decision at hand. The diversity and breadth of the total ZS organization allows us to bring integrated solutions, provide world class thought leadership, and ensure customer insights are optimally leveraged for maximum business impact.

Our knowledge and appreciation for both marketing and sales issues ensures insights are translated into recommendations that can actually be implemented. 

From R&D to the point of sale, our Customer Insights organization delivers objective-driven research that enables successful product launches, attainment of sales goals, and profitable business outcomes for life sciences organizations.