Market Access and Pricing

Develop Payer Value Propositions that Result in an Optimal Combination of Market Access and Price

Pharmaceutical companies need to better incorporate payer perspectives in drug development and commercial decision making. Increasingly strict payer evidence requirements and intense competition mean companies must develop and articulate stronger payer value propositions.

ZS can help you address challenges such as:

  • Address payer needs in clinical development programs for new and existing drugs
  • Identify, formulate and test value propositions that government payers and private managed care find compelling
  • Determine optimal price through interconnected willingness to pay/prescribe studies with payers, physicians and patients
  • Devise and test global and local pricing and reimbursement strategies that maximize your return on investment
  • Improve your team’s understanding of the complex payer and market access environment and what it takes to be successful in strategy and implementation

Maximize the Commercial Potential of New Product Launches

ZS helps pharmaceutical companies create and execute optimal market access and pricing strategies. At each stage of development, we help you to identify payer and physician benefits and related evidence requirements to support development and commercialization decision making.

ZS’s Market Access and Pricing Services help you:

  • Determine payer needs, and thus what evidence to collect in clinical and outcomes trials
  • Identify optimal pricing and reimbursement strategies with experience-tested research methodologies, thus avoiding common profit-destroying pricing research mistakes
  • Develop global Market Access strategies with a particular emphasis on net revenue optimization and opportunity identification
  • Formulate compelling value propositions for payers and their advisors

Why is ZS the Right Partner to Guide Your Market Access and Pricing Decisions?

  • Our broad and deep expertise in all aspects of life sciences marketing enables us to make critical links between your market access strategy and marketing strategy
  • We have a highly structured, analytical approach that takes the mystery out of pricing decisions and helps gain broad organizational buy-in
  • We intimately understand the market access and pricing requirements of global payers that must be met throughout a product’s lifecycle
  • We have an extensive working relationship with payers in a large number of countries worldwide
  • Our local presence in 20 offices worldwide enables us to be close to our clients and their key markets