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Marketing Execution

With increasing access to new forms of data and improvements in technology, the way organizations market to their customers is changing – for the better. Customers expect that when they are engaged, it’s with meaningful, timely messages offering solutions to an immediate pain point or business challenge. To achieve this, there are new realities, and opportunities, marketers must address.

How we gather information on customers has changed

With powerful new channels, including social media, organizations can directly learn of customer preferences. In the healthcare space, electronic medical records provide deeper insight into patient pathways. The data can be used to educate physicians more effectively on treatment options.

Smarter promotions are possible

In the past, marketing organizations were forced to run “one size fits all” promotions, hoping for stickiness amongst customers. But today, the combination of big data and analytics helps create the best customer experience while at the same time maximize the impact of promotions. Customer-centricity today is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Analytics help drive efficiency

Recent technology advances have enabled a major upshift in efficiency. Armed with a solid base of analytical support, organizations can make complex decisions more quickly, and properly align functions to avoid redundancy. Further, with the emergence of enterprise-wide platforms, many processes can be automated and streamlined.

ZS’s Marketing Execution solutions help organizations use analytics to make realtime decisions to deliver the ideal customer experience—all while maximizing profits. Our key capabilities include:

Customer-Centric Operations

Employing a holistic approach, ZS leverages its Big Data platform to develop a 360-degree customer view that reflects customer behavior, preferences and reactions. This offering allows organizations to deploy marketing programs that match customer preferences, and to fine-tune them based on customer receptivity.

We also employ a powerful suggestion engine that delivers recommendations in real time. As a result, end customers receive timely, relevant information via their preferred vehicle, and can interact with marketers in a more meaningful way.

Contract Management

ZS’s Contract Management solution integrates various sources of data, including sales, contracting decisions and benchmarks. Atop this data platform resides a contracting decision-support engine that provides recommendations on optimal contracting levels – and the ability to save millions of dollars by deploying their contracting dollars more effectively.

Product Performance Tracking

There has been an explosion in the availability of customer data in the last 5-10 years. What brings companies a competitive advantage is the ability to bring together all of this data in a meaningful way to not only understand what the customers is doing, but why. ZS combines primary, secondary, structured and unstructured data together to offer deep insights which help drive improved product performance.

Forecasting Systems and Operations

Determining sales outcomes accurately is critical to an organization’s ability to plan investments and strategy. With the expansion of enterprise-wide platforms, the forecasting capabilities for multiple functions (marketing, finance and manufacturing) can be integrated. To help organizations implement large-scale forecasting platforms, a ZS team can manage clients’ entire forecasting operation, while coaching collaborators within the organization.

Social Media Analytics

Social media provides companies with a pulse on what the market is saying about their products and services. The challenge is that raw data and reports gathered aren’t always immediately actionable, making it difficult to realize the full potential of social media analytics. ZS brings together big data technologies, a data science discipline and 30+ years of pharmaceutical expertise to translate social conversations into actionable insights. The outcomes are limitless, from validating business assumptions, assessing competitor activity to predicting clinical trial enrollment.

For over 30 years, ZS has solved some of the toughest marketing challenges for life sciences companies. We bring a rigorous, data-driven approach, combined with forecasting expertise, business acuity and a collaborative spirit. This skill set offers companies newfound strength and flexibility, and ultimately helps them realize a deeper, more fruitful interrelationship between marketing and sales.