Pipeline Strategy

The Revenue Problems of a Struggling Product Portfolio

Many life sciences companies of all sizes struggle to build solid product portfolios – a stable of drugs in various stages of development that later become major commercial successes. Challenges such as the following abound:

  • Declining R&D productivity that makes it difficult to offset the revenue loss of drugs coming off patent
  • Investments in fast-growing new therapeutic areas that turn out to have quite formidible competition (companies whose research was much further ahead than expected) or few promising compounds for in-licensing
  • Poor decisions on acquisitions and licensing deals that squander revenue on products that don’t pan out
  • Clinical trials designed in ways that don’t provide the evidence required by regulators, prescribers and payers

ZS has a comprehensive set of pipeline strategy consulting services – expertise that will help you devise strategies for disease areas to target, the best business development & licensing deals to make, product portolio decisions, development plans, and launch activities that generate demand.

Create a Robust Product Pipeline Through Devising a Solid Pipeline Strategy

ZS Associates helps pharmaceutical companies of all sizes build a commercially successful product portfolio through well-considered pipeline investment decisions. We typically work with headquarters marketing, brand and research & development executives to determine where to put their companies’ limited new product development resources and how to substantially improve the odds of success years before and up to launch. Our services fall into five categories:

  1. Disease area strategy – to determine the most promising therapy areas for a life sciences company, ones that are in line with its corporate strategy
  2. Business development & licensing strategy – to identify potential acquisitions and licensing partners whose products can accelerate time to market
  3. Portfolio strategy – to calculate an acceptable risk vs. return in the product portfolio
  4. Development strategy – to develop products that meet market needs in a superior way
  5. Launch strategy – to make sure marketing and sales activities and plans are synchronized to successfully create market demand

Some clients have used our services in one or two of the above areas; others have used us to devise strategies for most or all of the areas for a specific product. In all, we have helped 39 of the 40 largest life sciences companies bring to market hundreds of products in more than 150 therapy areas.

What Enables ZS to Help Life Sciences Companies Create Robust Product Pipelines?

Our years of success in devising product pipeline strategies, as well as in raising the performance of hundreds of pharmaceuticals marketing and sales functions to the next level, give us unique qualifications in this arena:

  • Unparalleled knowledge of pharmaceutical markets and products – more than 2,000 experts who know where the greatest unmet needs are (and are not), and which players have key assets to meet those needs (which is critical in business development and licensing). We have leading skills in forecasting, global pricing and assessing market access.
  • Deep understanding of life sciences companies’ downstream commercial challenges such as launching a product against competitors with better clinical trial results), and avoiding an early product positioning that unnecessarily limits the commercial potential of a new product.
  • Superior capabilities in analyzing data from multiple sources, as well as appropriately sizing a market need and its financial opportunities long before a new product comes to market.

We invite you to ask us about our pipeline strategy capabilities, and how we could help your company create a robust product portfolio.