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Value Proposition

Drive Performance and Customer Loyalty by Developing, Communicating, and Proving a Superior Value Proposition

A compelling value proposition lies at the heart of sales and marketing effectiveness. Tailoring market offerings to the specific needs and buying preferences of customers, and effectively communicating and proving the associated benefits and worth, have become a competitive imperative in most markets. ZS helps clients achieve winning value propositions by addressing questions such as: 

  • What should the core market offering be in terms of products, services, and programs? 
  • How should the market offering be customized and tailored for different customers and segments? 
  • How do the benefits and worth of the offering translate into a differentiated and compelling brand and value proposition? 
  • How can the value created be proven and reinforced, so that customer acquisition and loyalty are maximized? 
  • What enablers will the sales force need to successfully execute the value proposition strategy? 

ZS has helped hundreds of clients develop and implement effective value propositions across a broad array of products and services. We recognize that successful value-based selling requires close collaboration between sales and marketing. Our combined expertise in customer insight, segmentation, value proposition, sales process, sales coaching, and sales tools allow us to not only help our clients develop winning value proposition strategies, but also to successfully execute those strategies. ZS works with clients to:

  • Develop a brand, positioning, and value proposition strategy that is differentiated, quantified, and motivational to the customer and seller 
  • Obtain sales and marketing buy-in, and integrated efforts, by involving both organizations in the value proposition formation process 
  • Align the sales processes and sales channels to most cost-effectively deliver the value proposition 
  • Assure effective execution with appropriate tools and capability building for the sales force 
  • Use consistent communication, proof, and reinforcement of the strategy across regions and customers 
  • Manage feedback loops between sales and marketing to enable continuous improvement and innovation 

The ZS approach to value proposition leverages our skills in developing customer insights, incorporating fact-based analysis, and our experience enabling organizations to act in the market. The result is a value proposition that can be implemented effectively to maximize market opportunity.