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Orchestration Engine™

Optimize customer engagement with timely, relevant and actionable suggestions

ZS’s Orchestration Engine™ provides sales reps relevant and timely insights that help them develop an effective approach to customer orchestration. Orchestration Engine™ uses advanced data science to analyze key organizational data assets - including sales performance, customer affinity, multi-channel engagement and market access - that uncover changes in customer behavior. This analysis provides sales reps critical insights about why customer behavior is changing and recommends the most effective course of action, referred to as a suggestion. Reps use these suggestions to address the “right” issue with each customer, prioritize sales opportunities and improve customer engagement.

Sales Rep’s View of Orchestration Engine™ in Veeva CRM

  • The prioritized suggestion list — based on customer, headquarter and rep initiatives — helps reps address the “right” issue and leads to more effective sales calls
  • A machine-learning algorithm delivers improved suggestions over time based on adoption of suggestions, sales rep feedback and multichannel data updates
  • Includes a predefined suggestion library with 60-plus insight-action pairs across relevant commercial data areas
  • Two-way API-based data connector with Veeva
  • Standard data adapter and data ingestion framework for third party marketing vendors
  • The Orchestration Engine™ administrative console contains prebuilt reports that help analyze rep adoption and correlation between rep usage customer engagement and sales
  • Rapid implementation methodology and lean operations model
  • Flexible cloud-based architecture allows you to extend and scale Orchestration Engine™ across business units and geographies
  • Agile implementation methodology and global operating model

Provide sales reps timely, relevant and actionable suggestions

    Reps can use suggestions within Orchestration Engine™ to quickly refine their customer engagement strategies.

  • Provide proactive and predictive customer management with early detection of opportunities and risks
  • Significantly enhance rep efficiency with insights that are systematically linked to business priorities and diagnostics that help reps address the “right” issues with customers.
  • Better alignment between field execution and brand strategy.
  • A customized rep experience provides increased rep adoption leading to higher HCP engagement.

Make sense of data and deliver intuitive suggestions with statistical analysis

  • Analytic techniques are used to detect changes in customer behavior and trigger suggested actions for reps to take.
  • Correlated multilevel insights and diagnostics provide a rich perspective that would be difficult to obtain manually.
  • Orchestration Engine™ incorporates feedback from reps on individual HCP suggestions to improve the relevance of suggestions delivered over time.

Deploy quickly and efficiently with a flexible, cost-effective solution

  • Flexible delivery and integration options help you reap the benefits of this solution quickly
  • We offer comprehensive sales force behavioral training and change management to help enable rep and organizational adoption.

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