For nearly 30 years, ZS's sales consulting services have helped companies around the world excel at critical sales activities such as: designing sales channels that leverage both direct and indirect paths to market; creating the best sales force structure, territory plan, size, allocation and incentive approach; and integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency. Find out how ZS has helped hundreds of companies gain market share by markedly improving the performance of their sales organizations.

Business Intelligence

Business Process Improvement

Streamline your sales and marketing operations

When struggling to uncover operational roadblocks and inefficiencies in your sales and marketing departments, ZS can help to reengineer sales and marketing processes and facilitate successful change management within your organization. Our unique mix of analytics, operations and technology will identify and implement the right solutions to improve your organization’s commercial operations.

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Customer Targeting and Activity Planning

Increase Sales Success and ROI on Your Field Force Investment

The sales field force remains one of the most effective channels to engage the customer. But it is also one of the most expensive. And in a market in which you have to achieve more with less, companies must maximize the return on their sales force. ZS helps your sales organization identify the best opportunities and field force tactics.

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Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation

Achieving Step-Function Increase in Sales and Profitability

ZS helps sales and marketing executives identify critical growth opportunities, determine sales and marketing strategy, and implement the necessary changes – changes that regularly boost our clients’ revenue 2-10% or more. We know how to transform sales and marketing strategies and capabilities while minimizing transition risks and driving sustained adoption of new approaches.

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Sales Channel Strategy and Management

Develop and Manage Channel Partner Programs to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

ZS creates winning channel strategies. We align go-to-market strategy with overall business strategy by helping clients develop and manage a channel program with the right mix of direct and indirect (partner) channels to meet business goals and customer engagement requirements.

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Sales Compensation

Compensation That Boosts Sales Force Retention and Market Share

An effective sales compensation plan helps retain your top salespeople, increase market share, make selling costs predictable and reduce the cost of plan administration. An inferior plan does the opposite. ZS helps to create plans and quotas that support your strategy and streamline administration. 

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Sales Force Design

Design a Customer-Centric Sales Force

The sales force is one of an organization’s most valuable and expensive marketing resources. Unlike other marketing tactics, building or reshaping a sales force can take considerable time, money, and attention. ZS has designed sales forces for organizations across more than 25 industries and in over 70 countries.

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Sales Force Effectiveness

Maximize the Return on Your Sales Force

Over the past 30 years, ZS has conducted thousands of sales force effectiveness engagements with over 700 companies in more than 70 countries and 25 industries. We have helped our clients’ salespeople achieve: longer face time with their customers, more topics discussed during customer visits, significantly improved customer satisfaction ratings—and most important, up to 30% higher sales performance.

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Territory Management

Optimize Your Sales Territories to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Territory management is at the heart of any company’s sales operations. All key processes—from sales force planning and deployment to incentive compensation and financial reporting—depend on efficient, optimized territory management solutions. Having pioneered the concept nearly 30 years ago, ZS offers unparalleled experience and knowledge in territory management and its optimal role in your overall sales operations.

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