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Why ZS

Innovation, Best Practices and Value

With innovation, best practices and a relentless focus on quality and results, ZS can help you capitalize on the enormous potential of business intelligence technology. Our long-term relationships with clients help concentrate our efforts on their most important business issues.

We offer superior value for several reasons:

  • Since 2009, ZS has completed more than 150 successful business intelligence projects
  • ZS has more than 1,000 consultants with extensive expertise in pharmaceutical data sources and in business intelligence technology
  • Our deep knowledge of Cognos, Informatica and Business Objects, as well as niche business intelligence, database and master data management tools
  • Our global delivery model represents a superior methodology for operating and managing business intelligence systems
  • An unparalleled and unique blend of expertise in business, data and technology
  • ZS’s reusable asset-based approach reduces time to value

Delivering the Best Business Intelligence at Half the Cost

Using our reusable, proprietary assets, you can significantly accelerate project timelines, reduce development costs and mitigate implementation risks.

ZS can do this through pre-built data models, pre-defined metrics, role-based dashboards and reports, and prebuilt metadata and ETL mappings, as well as our ARTiS™ platform, which is developed specifically for reporting and analytics services.

You reap the benefits of our approach: Because we understand your business requirements, ZS business intelligence projects are delivered 40% to 50% more efficiently and require less rework compared with other consulting firms, especially those that work entirely in technology consulting.

Global Delivery Model – Superior Methodology for Operating and Managing Business Intelligence

In today’s ultra-complex health-care environment, you need the combined benefits of a local support team with the low cost of offshore delivery, while maintaining sophisticated processes for developing, operating and managing business intelligence systems. That’s where our Global Delivery Model excels.

Our Capability Building Framework and Enterprise Program Management tool kit enables high-quality services during operations. We have reduced the cost of collecting, processing and analyzing commercial data by up to 50%.

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