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Business Process Improvement

Companies invest heavily in their sales and marketing operations; it drives speed-to-market and overall commercial effectiveness, which in turn fuels top- and bottom-line results. Companies that excel in commercial operations realize a competitive advantage and strong commercial success. Those that don’t maximize commercial operations are at risk of falling short of their potential.

Historically, companies have struggled to uncover operational roadblocks and inefficiencies in their sales and marketing departments. Challenges such as legacy processes, organizational silos and technology limitations often prevent organizations from improving. The roadblocks and inefficiencies that exist can limit sales and marketing effectiveness and result in considerable amounts of wasted time, resources and money.

That’s where ZS can help. We are experts in improving the flexibility, agility and effectiveness of sales and marketing operations. We will guide you in discovering opportunities to improve quality and shorten cycle times to reduce costs. We will help you identify and address root causes of issues and suggest ways of improving customer satisfaction so your teams can perform at maximum potential.

From sales strategy to sales operations, our experience will be invaluable in helping you enable your team’s peak performance.

ZS can help:

  • Develop processes that result in ongoing optimization across the full set of target accounts
  • Identify opportunities to reduce errors in data processing activities that feed CRM, sales reporting, sales incentive processing and other critical sales systems and activities
  • Streamline sales ops activities like incentive comp admin, sales quota setting and sales performance reporting to improve quality of service to field sales and reduce cycle time
  • Design sales support capabilities that provide the sales force with the information, expertise and efficiency needed to achieve superior performance

With over 30 years of deep commercial domain expertise through work with over 700 companies in more than 70 countries, we have the experience to identify and improve sales and marketing processes. We partner with you to recommend and implement improvements, and have the tools necessary to solve problems quickly. Through industry-calibrated health checks and standard methodologies, we can help to reengineer sales and marketing processes and facilitate successful change management within your organization. ZS uniquely combines analytics, operations and technology to identify and implement just the right solution to help improve your organization’s commercial outcomes.

Our proven track record of quantified and positive outcomes for organizations is a result of our experience in sales and marketing, technical expertise and our Six Sigma-certified professionals, who will help you realize operational excellence.

Illustrative Client Outcomes

  • Reduced end-to-end cycle times around sales crediting by 40% for a leading pharmaceutical company by identifying and implementing quality controls, automation and parallel processing
  • Helped a top hotel chain to tap into almost $900 million downturn in revenue annually by enhancing lead management and sales follow-through processes
  • Assisted a medical products and services company in improving speed, quality, costs, flexibility and customer experience by advising on ops team structures, roles and responsibilities