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Customer Targeting and Activity Planning

Increase Sales Success and ROI on Your Sales Force Investment

The sales field force remains one of the most effective channels to engage customers. However, it is also one of the most expensive.

In a market in which you have to achieve more with less, companies must maximize the return on their sales force:

  • How can your sales organization identify the best customer opportunities?
  • How can the sales force plan field activities to leverage those opportunities?
  • What steps can your sales force take to ensure that the planned tactics address evolving customer and business needs with high flexibility and short turnaround times?




Optimize Field Force Activity While Generating Superior Execution and Productivity

ZS Customer Targeting and Activity Planning services can help you:

  • Direct your sales professionals to the best opportunities by targeting accounts and customers based on overall brand strategy and tactics, segmentation and value
  • Optimize field force activity plans for each account and customer to deepen customer engagement and increase sales success
  • Ensure activity plans incorporate the latest information about customers, including customer accessibility
  • Create ownership and ensure superior execution of activity plans by collaboratively incorporating field inputs
  • Maximize sales professionals' productivity through call-planning solutions that streamline call scheduling and routing processes
  • Make field force planning activities systematic, collaborative, easy and cost effective to manage. Our integrated set of Javelin™ applications will help support your selling teams across the full spectrum of sales execution.