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Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation (GST)

Achieving Step-Function Increase in Sales and Profitability

Steady and continuous improvement is a hallmark of great sales and marketing organizations. However, market, customer, competitive and company conditions sometimes necessitate a more transformational approach to strategy and capabilities.

ZS helps sales and marketing executives identify critical growth opportunities, determine sales and marketing strategy, and implement the necessary changes – changes that regularly boost our clients’ revenue 2-10% or more. We know how to transform sales and marketing strategies and capabilities while minimizing transition risks and driving sustained adoption of new approaches.

Sales and Marketing Strategies that Transform Capabilities and Fuel Growth

ZS GST services can help you:

  • Scope out and evaluate key growth opportunities and existing capabilities to develop the roadmap that will achieve the objectives in the shortest period of time
  • Unearth customer insights and determine segmentation, value proposition, sales force structure and channels, and sales process strategies that will capture the key growth opportunities in your target markets
  • Determine the optimal sales force size, territories and targeting to most cost-effectively cover the most valuable accounts
  • Design and evaluate competencies to get the right people in the right roles and territories
  • Engage key internal stakeholders and align incentives, goals, rewards, reporting, hiring, training and coaching to develop the right skills and motivate the right behaviors
  • Build sales and marketing operations, and unify their activities to sustain the change and continuously improve performance
  • Anticipate and proactively minimize the unique transition costs associated with sales force and marketing change
  • Turn your sales force into a source of competitive advantage, one that helps the organization dramatically increase its value to customers

Why Use ZS to Transform Sales and Marketing?

  • We have deep expertise in designing and implementing winning sales and marketing strategies, particularly in helping clients build high-powered sales forces
  • We bring deep expertise in virtually every aspect of the transformation, from designing the new sales and marketing strategy to determining and instituting new incentive compensation systems to motivate sales people to adopt new behaviors and skills.
  • We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with clients to make the actual changes they need in their processes, people and tools.
  • Based on our extensive transformation experience spanning a broad cross-section of b2b industries and regions of the world, we know where the risks lie and how to significantly minimize them.