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Optimizing Your Sales Compensation Program

In the past several years alone, ZS has designed sales compensation programs for more than 250 clients across dozens of industries.

Covering sales forces totaling at times 40 to 50,000 people or more, these plans have helped leading clients grow, retain their best salespeople, and make selling costs predictable. We help clients develop the best sales compensation plan by using extensive analytics to ensure pay for performance and no sales expense surprises.

Goal Setting

ZS works with clients to set achievable and equitable sales objectives that are fully tested for fairness and pay-for-performance. In addition, our clients can enable their sales management team to review goals and make adjustments prior to field publication.

Motivating Your Sales Force Through Communication & Change Management

Compensation plans that maximize sales and motivate the sales force are communicated clearly and often. Our sales compensation communication services enable you to customize your rollout to match your plan. Offerings include brochures, web content, presentations, and train-the-trainer materials.