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Vendor Evaluation & Implementation

Selecting and implementing the right software solution to address your sales compensation needs

Despite the rapidly growing fields of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) and Sales Performance Management (SPM), an overwhelming number of companies have yet to transition away from custom-coded legacy systems—or Excel.

Without the optimal ICM or SPM solution in place, sales organizations face many compensation administration challenges, including:

  • Inability to provide timely, accurate payments to the sales force
  • Inadequate reporting and analytics, hindering opportunities to track progress and identify emerging trends
  • Costly, time-intensive system maintenance
  • Inflexible systems that struggle to keep up with competitors and changing regulations

More and more companies are seeking technology solutions that can address these fundamental issues and enhance overall sales performance.

With increasing competition and cost pressures, choosing the right ICM or SPM solution has become imperative to achieve both cost-efficiency and top-line revenue growth.

Successfully Navigate the First—and Most Critical—Step
to ICM/SPM Adoption

Leveraging ICM/SPM for competitive advantage can only begin after you select the right solution—but the sheer number of options can turn vendor evaluation into a formidable task. From regional businesses to multinational corporations, ZS has helped many companies choose the optimal ICM/SPM solution. No matter where you are in the vendor evaluation process, our tried and tested methodology will facilitate each step of the way.

Business Case Development and Requirements Gathering - "Selling" your ICM/SPM investment internally can be one of your biggest hurdles. ZS will foster collaboration among key stakeholders in sales, finance, IT and HR to ensure buy-in and inclusion of critical requirements.

Research and Evaluation - In a crowded sector of established and emerging providers, navigating the options takes up vast resources—especially due to widely disparate features and pricing. To maximize efficiency, ZS offers proven tools and templates to help distill the options down to a manageable short list:

Due Diligence and Negotiation - From structuring demo sessions and fielding internal questions to conducting due diligence for negotiations, ZS has frameworks and best practices for every step leading up to the final selection.

Selecting and implementing the right software solution to address your sales compensation needs

While selecting the right software solution can be a challenging task, what can become even more daunting is implementing the new solution. In fact up to 40% of organizations fail to successfully implement software solutions.  So, how can you ensure your new software investment meets expectations? 

ZS has years of expertise in implementing sales compensation software. In addition, we have the experience of managing more than $1.3 billion in sales compensation payouts annually, so we understand the necessity to configure a solution to meet your unique needs. We’ll work with you to ensure your complex compensation plans are reflected accurately in the system, giving you confidence in your payouts, while avoiding expensive system re-work. 

ZS has helped organizations implement many of the leading sales compensation tools in the market. Today, we have dedicated partnerships with Xactly and IBM.

Why Partner with ZS?

At ZS, we offer a deep well of expertise gained from 30 years of focusing on sales and marketing.

  • Having worked with more than 1,000 companies in 70 countries across numerous industries, we offer unparalleled insight into the unique challenges and opportunities for your sales force.

  • In our role as strategic partner, we work with our clients to define and execute their technology strategy. We also help them design, build and operate the data management and reporting systems that are at the core of their sales operations.

  • ZS has an outstanding track record in implementing technology solutions due to our knowledge of best-in-class software and the intricacies of sales force management. We help our clients substantially reduce implementation costs and timelines.

  • In addition to sales compensation, we advise clients on the whole spectrum of sales and marketing—strategy, organizational design, operations, information management and technology. We understand the upstream and downstream implications of our recommendations and make sure they work well in practice.

To learn more about our ICM and SPM capabilities, please contact our practice lead.