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Sales Force Activity Snapshot

Improve sales force effectiveness, drive higher sales

How do salespeople allocate their time across the full spectrum of sales activities, from the highest impact planning and customer-facing activities down to administrative tasks that add minimal value? And how do your top performers spend their time differently? The Sales Force Activity Snapshot (SFAS) gives you immediate visibility into the sales force's daily activities so you can identify opportunities to increase selling capacity and maximize sales.

ZS works closely with clients to design SFAS, a brief online survey that can be rapidly deployed to front-line salespeople in virtually any account-based sales organization.

The SFAS survey helps sales leaders:

  • Understand the current state of sales effort allocation and sales behaviors
  • Define sales behaviors that are most strongly correlated with high performance, and
  • Identify and prioritize actions that will move a majority of sales people closer to high-performance behaviors

With SFAS, sales leaders can gain the insight they need to prioritize and encourage high-impact selling time as well as pinpoint and reduce low-impact activities so they can drive top-line growth.

ZS collaborates with sales leaders to rapidly configure and deploy Sales Force Activity Snapshot (SFAS) to the sales force.

The SFAS, a 40- to 45-minute online survey, will ask salespeople for detailed responses to pointed questions, which will help determine:

  • Are individual salespeople focusing on the most impactful activities?
  • How much time are salespeople spending on low-value tasks? What specific activities?
  • Do our internal processes and procedures enhance—or hinder—our sales force’s productivity?
  • Are we focused on the right products or services?
  • Is the sales force calling on the right customers and prospects?

After aggregating and analyzing all responses, our team will deliver a report covering prioritized challenges, opportunities and ZS’s sales force benchmarks—so you can gauge where your sales organization stands today and set clear objectives for the future.

ZS will facilitate a workshop to review recommendations for high-impact changes and help you develop an action plan.



Sales leaders can rely on Sales Force Activity Snapshot (SFAS) to:

  • Assess time allocation across the full spectrum of sales activities, including programs for training, sales planning, account reviews, travel and administration—and compare against ZS benchmarks
  • Gain insight into both the quantity and quality of sales activities such as coaching interactions and planning processes
  • Improve benchmarking capabilities through analysis of sales rep and territory characteristics (e.g. key account managers vs. field reps and territory compositions)
  • Conduct "deep dives" into the areas that are most critical to your organization since the SFAS tool is highly configurable
  • Immediately hone in on areas to improve effectiveness in time and resource management and increase overall selling capacity 

To find out how SFAS can help your sales organization systematically improve selling capacity and drive organic growth, contact us.