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Voice of the Sales Force

Get to Know Your Sales Force and Increase Their Productive Selling Time

Salespeople are a company’s “boots on the ground,” spending much of their time interacting with customers and learning their wants, needs and opinions. Despite this valuable insider’s perspective, however, it’s surprising how little most organizations really know about their sales force. ZS has created a tool to help sales leaders understand how their salespeople work in order to boost the sales team’s engagement and productivity.

With Voice of the Sales Force—ZS’s easy-to-use online survey—you can listen closely to your sales reps, measure how engaged they are and determine what motivates them, yielding actionable insights to improve your top and bottom lines. ZS’s own client studies show that highly engaged salespeople drive 4% higher goal attainment relative to passive salespeople, and 6% higher goal attainment than those who are disengaged.

Voice of the Sales Force (VoSF) also allows you to assess each rep’s effort allocation so that you can shift reps’ time away from administration, travel and reporting, and towards productive sales activities such as call preparation, territory planning and time on site with customers, ultimately driving better results.

How Does the Survey Work?

Voice of the Sales Force is a modular, two-part survey that takes roughly 45 minutes for salespeople to complete:

  • Sales engagement score: The first section of the survey yields an overall sales engagement score by asking, on a scale of one to seven, how likely salespeople are to recommend their role at your company. Using the same seven-point scale, VoSF then drills down into nine critical sales-specific engagement drivers, ranging from products and services and first-line sales management to sales technology and compensation policies.
  • Sales effort allocation profile: The second section assesses reps’ productivity, asking respondents to specify the percentage of their time that they’re spending on three broad categories—customer-facing sales activities, non-customer-facing sales activities, and internal administration and travel—as well as various sub-activities. The point is to develop a detailed effort allocation profile for every salesperson.

In addition to survey responses, ZS collects data on individual salesperson performance, including goal attainment and competency evaluations. When combined with the data on effort allocation and sales engagement, this performance information enables us to extract powerful—and actionable—insights that you can use to improve your team’s sales productivity.

Turn Engagement Into Opportunity

Correlating overall sales force engagement scores with individual engagement drivers makes it relatively easy for ZS to help clients identify the priorities that customer-facing organizations need to focus on to improve morale and motivation. For example, if VoSF reveals a relatively low correlation between compensation and overall sales force engagement but a significantly higher linkage between the engagement scores and perceptions of sales managers, then company efforts and resources to boost engagement should be focused on improving the first-line managers’ coaching and leadership skills.

The advantages of tracking and analyzing sales force effort allocation with VoSF are no less compelling. Once companies have a detailed view of how their sales reps’ time is broken down among direct customer-facing activities and non-customer-facing activities, they can integrate that view with individual sales performance data to formulate detailed action plans to shift the balance.

VoSF also allows for extensive benchmarking of both of these measures against other sales organizations as well as across particular industries.

Start Solving Your Most Complex Sales Force Issues

Voice of the Sales Force is a robust solution for a complex set of problems. You’ll identify issues that underlie sales force engagement and the internal barriers that are holding your salespeople back. Combine that with VoSF’s ability to help you reallocate your sales force’s efforts toward the most productive activities and you’ll have the actionable insights you need to optimize your sales team’s impact on your organization. Contact us to get started.

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