Territory Management

Optimize Your Sales Territories to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Territory management is at the heart of any company’s sales operations. All key processes—from sales force planning and deployment to incentive compensation and financial reporting—depend on efficient, optimized territory management solutions.

Markets today are more dynamic than ever, adding on many new dimensions to territory management:

  • Sales portfolios are expanding and shrinking in record time—and when products and clients change suddenly, sales managers must add and redraw territories in an instant
  • Sales territories must balance rep workloads, equalize earning opportunities and ensure that reps efficiently cover their most profitable customers
  • Flexible deployments and multiple sales force roles—including matrixed product specialists or "hybrid" representatives—are the rule rather than the exception
  • The availability of more and increasingly complex data have further challenged central management’s ability to make effective territory management decisions

Design Territories, Align Sales Forces and Boost Profits

ZS's Territory Management practice can help you:

  • Increase sales as much as 7% through proper sales force alignment and territory design
  • Balance quantifiable data with qualitative field knowledge to create specific deployment strategies for each customer
  • Create greater opportunity and equalize workload for your sales force—and see morale and performance improve as a result
  • Minimize sales force and territory disruption, helping forge stronger relationships with customers
  • Improve sales manager commitment to your deployment plans

Why Partner with ZS to Build Successful Territory Management Solutions?

  • ZS is a leader in territory management, sales force alignment and design, having pioneered the concept nearly 30 years ago. We offer unparalleled experience and depth of knowledge in territory management and its optimal role in your overall sales operations.
  • Our Javelin™ Alignment Manager and Javelin™ Territory Designer software suites are strong enough to optimize even the largest sales forces while being flexible enough to make adjustments based on local business knowledge. Our software allows you to make fast, easy and transparent sales force adjustments—all while integrating seamlessly with your existing IT systems.
  • We have designed and implemented sales territory management plans for more than 700 companies in industries ranging from financial services to health care.