Marketing Execution

With powerful new communication channels, smarter promotional possibilities and increasing access to data, customers’ expectations of your marketing are higher and their decision-making processes now are far more complex. To engage those customers with meaningful, timely messages offering solutions to an immediate pain point or business challenge, organizations are looking for ways to significantly upgrade their marketing execution capabilities, enabling them to optimize marketing investments, track their impact and adapt in real time.

ZS can help. We’ll partner with you to leverage the power of analytics to make real-time decisions, deliver the ideal customer experience and maximize profits

The ZS Approach

ZS is a global consulting firm with nearly 5,000 experts in strategy, analytics and technology, and more than 30 years of experience executing advanced marketing strategies. Our rigorous, data-driven approach—combined with forecasting expertise, business acuity and collaborative work style—helps our clients bridge the divide between marketing and other areas of the business.

Customer-centric operations: Using a holistic approach, we put our big data platform to work in developing a three-dimensional customer view that reflects customer behavior, preferences and actions. You’ll deploy marketing programs that match customers’ wants and needs, and fine-tune them based on customers’ receptivity and real-time recommendations from our Suggestion Engine™.

Contract management: Historically, the success of contract decisions depended on the judgment and experience of individual account managers. We bring contract management into the digital age by integrating various sources of data, including sales, contracting decisions and benchmarks to help you use contracting dollars more effectively. Our contracting decision support engine also provides recommendations on optimal contracting levels throughout your business.

Product performance tracking: ZS combines primary, secondary, structured and unstructured data to offer deep insights that help you understand not only what your customers are doing, but why, so that you can adapt your marketing messages and tactics by customer segment and improve product performance.

Forecasting systems and operations: Your organization’s ability to accurately determine sales outcomes is critical to how you develop strategies and plan investments. While managing your entire forecasting operation—including the integration of marketing, finance and manufacturing functions—we’ll collaborate with your teams to help improve forecasting processes and implement best practices.

Social media analytics: ZS brings together big data technologies, data science discipline and 30-plus years of industry expertise to translate social conversations into actionable insights. By analyzing customers’ social media behavior, we can help you validate business assumptions, assess competitor activity and measure customer engagement. Moreover, for our pharmaceutical clients, we can help you predict clinical trial enrollment.

Data-Driven Marketing That Works

At ZS, we partner with you to deliver revenue-boosting marketing solutions that will help you make more enduring connections with your customers—all based on rich data.