Marketing Performance Measurement and Optimization

Understanding the Role of Measurement and Optimization in Accelerating Marketing Performance

Accurate and timely feedback on marketing performance is critical to the real-time fine-tuning and course corrections necessary to maximize marketing results and return on investment. ZS can help you address a wide range of marketing performance questions, including:

  • Are marketing programs leading customers through an adoption sequence to embrace trial and maximize usage?
  • Which aspects of the program are working as anticipated and which are not?
  • What specific barriers need to be overcome to accelerate program performance?
  • How do the issues vary by customer type, region or sales team?
  • What internal and customer-facing tactics will most cost-effectively address barriers?
  • What marketing ROI is being achieved?

Developing a systematic and efficient approach to timely data collection is imperative to generate specific, ongoing recommendations for optimizing marketing performance.

Improve In-Market Effectiveness Through Timely Insight Into Marketing Performance

ZS has extensive experience helping clients maximize the value realized from their investments in marketing programs. By integrating promotional activity data with information on customer attitudes and buying behavior, we create a fact base to assess impact and identify improvement opportunities. Our comprehensive approach to marketing performance management helps clients:

  • Understand customer knowledge and beliefs affecting brand trial and usage
  • Act quickly through focused actions to remove barriers to trial and usage
  • Identify new opportunities for brand growth
  • Uncover time- and cost-saving opportunities by balancing needs for standardization and customization
  • Quantify and continuously improve marketing ROI

Because we are a consulting firm rather than a market research agency, ZS offers wide-ranging expertise covering far more than one methodology. We offer a full suite of market research and marketing performance management solutions that can be customized based on country, product and business need. In addition, our diverse offerings include data integration and advanced analytics capabilities so we can continuously evolve with our clients.