Product Launch

Preparing for an Excellent Launch

Using our solid understanding of the key drivers and barriers to successful launches, we’ve helped organizations across a variety of industries with more than 4,000 launch projects. ZS supports a significant majority of new U.S. biotechnology and pharmaceutical launches, including more than 80% of oncology new product launches in the last three years.

With our flexible commercial planning solution and expertise across marketing, sales and operations, we’ll help you prepare for and execute an effective product launch—and maximize your success.

Building Organizational Capability

“Launch excellence” at ZS is about continuously improving your organization’s capabilities to launch a new product. We support a range of launch capability transformation or improvement initiatives to help ensure that your product launch is a success. Our initiatives include:

  • Designing and enhancing launch readiness review and launch governance processes
  • Developing or improving the efficacy of your launch center of excellence and project management organizations
  • Transitioning to cloud-based launch planning and collaboration solutions
  • Using analytics and technology to accelerate adoption and optimize brand performance
  • Building tool sets, examples and templates to support launch team training and execution
  • Designing and implementing a launch center of excellence or launch project management organization

Three Stages of Launch

Every product launch requires careful planning and precise execution to increase its chances of success at launch and throughout the product life cycle. ZS supports three key stages of launch preparation and execution—bringing a systematic approach to product launches that improves consistency and focuses on what matters most.

Early Stage Pre-Launch

In the early stages of launch preparation, we support foundational strategy, planning and budget optimization. You’ll get:

  • A cross-functional launch activity blueprint and calendar—a C-LAB™—for launch planning (cloud-based or Excel platforms)
  • Market, customer and competitive insights (primary and secondary research)
  • Access and pricing strategy
  • Baseline integrated product strategy
  • Preliminary commercial and field organization design
  • Forecast optimization and “launch spend” definition
  • Launch readiness review support
  • Ongoing launch project management organization or launch “center of excellence” support

Later Stage Pre-Launch

About a year or so before approval, as assets move to the “new drug application filed” phase, we employ a broad range of core and launch-readiness activities that improve launch execution, including:

  • Sequencing and planning for global, first market and affiliate rollout
  • Growth marketing strategy: customer journey or buying process, market and customer segmentations, product positioning and value proposition development, and promotional and marketing mix
  • Commercial organization design: launch team, marketing or brand team structure and role definition
  • Field force strategy and tactics: sales force planning, sizing and alignment, goal-setting and incentive compensation
  • Medical affairs: medical science liaison structure, sizing and engagement model
  • Real-world evidence and other evidence-based strategy, analytics, capability development and technology
  • Customer insights: qualitative and quantitative market research, stakeholder and customer profiling, message testing and baseline awareness, trial and usage
  • War-gaming and brand team “immersion”
  • Launch performance metrics: definition of KPIs, performance analytics, data sources and systems, and predictive or proactive analytics
  • Payer engagement: pricing and rebate strategy, payer engagement and value story, payer message testing, health economics and outcomes research
  • Ecosystems: optimizing engagement based on local market archetypes
  • Launch readiness review support


Immediately after product launch, ZS responds to emerging client challenges and helps drive success in multiple ways, including:

  • Launch tracking, KPIs, dashboards and analytics integration
  • On-site support leveraging technology and organizational structures—such as “launch situation rooms”—that minimize the time between opportunity definition or issue diagnosis and solution implementation
  • Customer and stakeholder insights that drive course corrections and accelerate adoption

ZS Can Help

We’ll share our expertise in helping firms successfully launch new products, and we’ll help you maximize the success of your upcoming launches through best-in-class planning and execution.

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