Impact by the Numbers

A global biopharma company that’s leading healthcare innovation set its sights on enhancing the digital capabilities driving customer engagement and field performance. What began as a pilot of ZAIDYN, the intelligent digital analytics platform by ZS, has resulted in an incentive compensation transformation and a laser-focused sales operation powered by a cloud-native and connected platform.


Today, field teams throughout the organization are using the ZAIDYN platform’s intuitive mobile apps, dashboards and personalized insights to improve the way they engage with HCPs, set achievable incentive compensation goals and gain new insight into changing markets and opportunities.

The challenge: Elevate customer engagement using powerful insights

Midway through an enterprise digital transformation initiative, the commercial team sought a business partner to help elevate its customer engagement capabilities. Its field force teams needed a centralized, cloud-native analytics platform that could help reps become flexible in the field, serve up sales insights quickly and demystify incentive compensation.


Leaders also wanted to bring focus and personalization to field teams’ incentive compensation plans and unlock a new level of insight into the company’s field operations, top molecules and markets. To serve this goal, their platform of choice would need to scale globally yet meet the needs of local markets with varying health systems, regulatory structures and HCP outreach preferences.


With the company’s sights set on the goals of personalized incentive planning, ease of use and enhanced customer engagement insights at scale, it sought a centralized platform to give sales reps easy access to their daily objectives, a quick view of their customers’ needs and a way to measure individual progress against the goals of the business unit. Likewise, the company’s managers and business leaders wanted to learn what was working in real time, from effective incentive compensation levers to market access and outreach strategies.

Beyond strengthening customer engagement, leaders wanted to create an environment that could make data more functional across the organization. They saw an opportunity to enhance the company’s digital environment with a platform that gave field teams more flexibility, focus and drive. The platform quickly proved to be an essential driver of the company’s customer engagement and digital transformation initiative.

The solution: A cloud-native environment for incentive compensation

The company chose ZAIDYN Field Performance (formerly JAVELIN) as its digital platform and implemented two ZAIDYN Field Performance solutions: Incentive Compensation Reports and Incentive Compensation Reports with Insights.

  • With personalized Field Incentive Compensation Reports, teams can measurably improve field force effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Field Incentive Compensation Reports with Insights is a feature that automatically turns data into impact metrics to make incentive compensation plans more engaging and motivating.

As pilot partners, ZS and the team were able to fine-tune various business use cases, streamline reporting and analytics tech stacks, and test custom simulators before rolling out the solution to the broader team.

For example, the team developed and piloted a goal simulator to help field reps understand how their daily actions map to their incentive compensation plan. The goal simulator allows each team member to see the real-time impact of their efforts, understand how they can grow in their role and work toward their personal and business objectives with transparency. Managers benefit from this solution as well, using it not only as a teaching and coaching instrument but also as a tool to analyze the designs of different incentive compensation models, which allows them to test their ability to motivate and support their teams.


ZAIDYN allows managers, analysts and power users to download and create custom reports to help answer an evolving set of business questions, test hypotheses and inform enterprise transformation efforts.

The approach: A hands-on pilot

As part of the pilot rollout, the ZS team helped evaluate the company’s existing field management reports and, where helpful, redesigned them in the new platform to visualize data in more insightful and intuitive ways.


The biopharma company trusted ZS’s ability to deliver a cloud-native analytics and reporting environment that was not only easy to use but also scalable and mobile-friendly.


In the future, the company will also have the flexibility to plug in the platform’s Customer Engagement products and orchestrate customer journeys through capabilities like Omnichannel Next Best Action, which automates digital and personal engagement suggestions.

The impact: Full-scale field performance transformation

To date, the global biopharma leader has used the platform to achieve big wins:

  • A platform that personalizes insights and drives performance. The result is a data-to-insights pipeline that underpins business KPIs and broader transformation objectives. Every individual receives insights they can trust and timely recommendations that help them advance their impact and their career.
  • Real-time reporting and intuitive analytics for every user. Business users across the field force can quickly see what is most important, surface deeper details and stay focused on actions that drive their personal and team performance. At the same time, internal analytics services teams can focus on advanced analytics requests powered by the platform’s custom reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced customer engagement. With an innovative and seamless reporting solution, those interfacing with HCPs can engage with customers based on trend analysis and engagement tactics.
  • Operational efficiency that increases focus, speed and motivation. Seamless access to a mobile app with intuitive reporting and built-in dashboards empowers field teams to focus on trend analysis, strengthen customer relationships, demonstrate lead conversion and find more effective ways to achieve business objectives.

The marriage of industry knowledge and a new field performance platform has elevated this team’s ability to turn insights into actions and transform the effectiveness of its global field force. With insights at teams’ fingertips and a platform that can scale globally and across business units, the company is poised to achieve its digital transformation goals and accelerate its ability to connect more people with life-changing products and treatments they need and value.

Get to know ZAIDYN and see Field Incentives in action by watching our demo.

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