Where passion changes lives


ZS is a place where bright minds rise in care of humanity’s greatest challenges.

Where the pursuit of your passions will impact the transformation of global healthcare, technology and beyond. The place where our core values—treat  people right, get it right, do the right thing—drive every experience and action.

Where we work

You can find us all around the world. With more than 35 offices worldwide, ZSers make a meaningful impact in global healthcare and beyond.

our people and culture

Our people and culture

ZS is home to passionate people who embrace innovative thinking and collaboration. Welcome to a company where new ideas are celebrated, curiosity is welcomed, learning opportunities are abundant and colleagues become lifelong connections.

The ZSer impact

At ZS, we work together to find life-changing innovations that make a meaningful impact for patients, caregivers and consumers globally. No matter what your role is at ZS, your work will change lives and improve health outcomes for all.

Find your path

Interested in joining a team of diverse individuals and perspectives collaborating to innovate global healthcare and beyond? ZS will provide opportunities, coaching and hands-on experiences that enable you to explore your passion and make an impact.

Awards and accolades

ZS continues to be recognized for our talented people, unique culture and expertise in healthcare, technology and beyond.