ZAIDYN Data & Analytics

Unlock faster and better decision-making through integrated analytics.

ZAIDYN Data and analytics

See how a smarter data and analytics platform fuels faster, better decision-making

Harness the power of seamless analytics and actionable insights so your teams can accelerate product launches, improve sales force effectiveness and transform HCP engagement.


Democratize data and insights to get more done

Put insights into the hands of business users through user-friendly apps. Supply power users with self-service tools to innovate and scale insights delivery across the enterprise.

Insights and Analytics

Get relevant business intelligence for brand launches, sales performance, digital marketing and more in near real-time. It's a fast and reliable way to get insights into the hands of your teams.


Make data-driven decisions with ready-to-use apps. From altering product launch plans and digital spending to learning how to engage key opinion leaders, our suite of apps helps you get up and running quickly. 

Analytics Workbench

Empower your team to do ad-hoc analysis with easy access to Python, R, Jupyter and other business intelligence tools to run analytics workloads. Collaboration options help teams learn from each other and ensure data governance. 

Data Hub

Take the guesswork out of back-end data management. Manage data pipelines with self-service options for guided workflows, data connectors, quality checks and more. Elastic data processing offered by Amazon Web Services helps you prioritize processing speeds.  

Data Mastering

Master your company’s data sources on healthcare providers, organizations, affiliations, payors and patients. Configurable rules help you control data from multiple sources, while algorithms match and merge data to create a single version of the truth. 

Algorithm Exchange

Access ZS’s use-case-specific algorithms or build your own. Enable data analysts and scientists with machine learning capabilities to automate training data and versioning processes with ready-to-use infrastructure and security controls. 

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