ZAIDYN Field Performance

Build, deploy and motivate a successful field force.

ZAIDYN™ Field Performance

See how a smarter digital platform improves field performance

Access to real-time field insights is the key to better, faster decision making. Empower your teams with a field performance solution that breaks down silos and helps you connect with target audiences faster so you can make a real difference in the healthcare ecosystem.


Bring your go-to-market strategy to life

Optimize field deployment for each local healthcare market and motivate the entire field force with dynamic field planning and incentive structures.

Field Deployment

Optimize team structures to suit local healthcare markets and create dynamic loops between conditions on the ground and those in the C-suite. Change the size and structure of your field force for the sales model you need.

Field Incentives

Motivate your sales team with personal and rewarding incentives. Surface real-time incentive data to help every field rep see where they stand relative to your incentive compensation plan. 

Field Activation

Provide everything your field reps need to succeed in one app. Reps can check field insights on the road and dynamically adjust call plans. Each rep sees progress toward incentive goals and what to change along the way. 

Impact by the numbers

Discover what a smarter platform can do for you.

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