Get more insightful forecasts to help you improve collaboration, enable data-driven decision-making, increase efficiency and innovation, and deliver more significant business impact.


Challenges we solve

Assessing product value

You could miss big opportunities because of blind spots in product opportunity and appropriate investment points, and ultimately cause disappointing sales.

High-volume, high-velocity data

How can you leverage the abundance of data available to you to develop precise forecasts that drive more effective planning and decision-making?

Lack of a long-term strategy

To build an accurate and effective long-term strategy, you need to know which options are best for your organization’s future. Where and how should resources be applied? Are licensing or partnership opportunities a fit?


ZS’s approach

You’ll benefit from a customized, expertise-driven and transparent forecasting strategy that results in accurate and credible forecasts to help you understand your products’ market potential.

Forecast integration for decision-making

We coordinate forecasting capabilities across forecasting needs and functions to ensure consistency in analysis. You’ll get integrated reporting, operationalized analytics and forecast data to speed up diagnostics, insights and action.


Driverless forecasting

Driverless Forecast is an automated, AI-driven forecasting solution that generates accurate short-term forecasts at scale across brands, SKUs and countries, as well as sub-levels such as distributors or payer channels.

Forecasting operations, build and scale

The backbone of accurate forecasts are strong, rigorous models that can be deployed across various market scenarios. This provides a structured and articulated view of resource needs for operations, a key competitive advantage that reduces risk.

Managed care

For pharma organizations, factoring the impact of market access into product forecasts is becoming increasingly complicated. An analytical approach can help refine the forecast for treatment opportunity, brand selection and patient fulfillment.