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Explore a growing suite of life sciences apps, algorithms and data subscriptions to help companies evolve ahead of their needs.



Smarter life sciences applications fuel collaboration and maximize the value of your tech stacks

Budget Planner

Make it easy for leaders, analysts and business teams to balance investments across promotional marketing channels, optimize spending, visualize the impact of their programs in real time, and tell a story with their portfolio.

Opinion Leader Intelligence

Take the guesswork out of relationship building so you can find and engage key opinion leaders, connect with rising stars and navigate an evolving network of peers, players and influencers with confidence and clarity. 

Peer to Peer Program Designer

Enhance the value of your speaker programs with an app that evaluates performance and delivers precise, data-driven recommendations on everything from annual budget planning to curating the right mix of speakers, attendees and topics.

Test & Control

Enable analysts across your organization to make timely promotional decisions based on data. Unlock answers to difficult questions, experiment and test scenarios, and explore ideas using intuitive analytics and performance comparison models.

Promo Lens

Improve your marketing mix, promotional response and brand sales. Plug in algorithms, workflows and modeling scenarios that learn from historical activity so you can find new ways to elevate the quality and performance of promotions across brands and geographies.

Life sciences algorithms and models add AI power, automation and speed to your technology ecosystem

Content Transformation

Use this extension of ZAIDYNTM Customer Engagement to find patterns in how customers interact with your marketing content so you can predict trends, cater to preferences and harness AI, machine learning and natural language processing modules to sharpen your content strategy. 

Dynamic Targeting

Heighten the impact of your field force applications with an algorithm that uses predictive and dynamic targeting to help teams connect with HCPs and ensure your treatments reach the patients who need them most. 

Data subscriptions unlock powerful crowd-sourced data and industry benchmarks to guide decisions

Affinity Monitor®

Arm your teams with the latest industry benchmarks, HCP activity and trends in engagement and preferences across marketing channels so they can find effective ways to reach their targets.

Access Monitor™

Empower sales teams to work smarter, not harder, by supplying the data they need to make the most of each HCP interaction and find the best paths to prescribers across specialty areas.


Discover better ways to engage your target audiences. Access rich, holistic patient-level data that spans therapy areas—combined with the latest ZS research on activity across physicians and care teams, payers, plans and brands—so you can optimize your outreach.

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