• Business Operations

    The world of operations continues to advance quickly, fueled by increasing complexities and better technology that enable businesses to integrate analytics and drive value at scale. Existing operations need to become more efficient and ZS is here to help. We work with you to run and improve your business operations to drive customer value and company results.

  • Business Technology

    On-demand access to the right data and analytics can be a game changer—if you’re prepared to take advantage of it. We’ll solve your toughest information challenges, helping you access the right data and analytics to reengineer your information strategy—saving you time and money, and improving employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Commercial Strategy and Transformation

    In today’s marketplace, targets are always moving and business decisions are getting increasingly complicated. ZS is here to help. We’ll collaborate with you to reinvigorate your commercial strategy, delivering better business performance and lasting value.

  • Consulting

    From solving complex problems to pioneering the unknown, ZS is your partner to tackle challenging business scenarios. We work with you to determine precisely where and how to change your organization for improved customer value and company results.

  • Creative & Design

    In today’s fast-moving and competitive environment, organizations need to constantly identify new ways of innovating, developing new organizational capabilities, and differentiating through customer experience. Our Creative & Design team, adds a third dimension to technology and analytics, by designing creative solutions that help shape experiences which deeply resonate with the human in all of us, driving the desired audience behavior and mobilizing audiences.

  • Customer Insights

    Healthcare providers are more digitally connected than ever before, giving sales reps unprecedented access to their customers, but that access changes their relationship to marketing, too. Can you predict what HCPs will be looking for next? We’ll partner with your teams to aggregate and understand customer data, and to develop customer insights that will help your business thrive.

  • Customer-Centric Marketing

    According to ZS’s research, 56% of healthcare providers now restrict their interactions with pharmaceutical sales reps. To succeed, life sciences companies need to evolve their sales and marketing approach, and embrace customer-centric marketing. CCM enables organizations to integrate promotional efforts and better manage communications, using rich insights to optimize the customer journey. 

  • Digital and Connected Health

    Digital health innovation holds the promise for transforming healthcare. For life sciences companies that figure out how to play and win in this space, there’s significant opportunity to affect health outcomes with advancements in digital therapeutics, disease management, clinical decision support, consumer tools and much more, all while reducing costs. ZS can help your company navigate the complex digital health landscape and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

  • Growth Marketing

    Customers today are bombarded with promotional messaging. As a result, they’ve become focused on finding the relevant information that addresses their specific needs and preferences, and tuning out the rest. To successfully build customer relationships and increase revenue requires a combination of art and science: Marketers need to gain a deeper understanding of their customers—pulling from a wide and varied spectrum of data sources and then applying the resulting insights to build compelling messages and strategies for growth.

  • Healthcare Ecosystem Solutions

    In the U.S. healthcare ecosystem, providers are consolidating, patients are increasingly empowered, and payers are playing a more and more prominent role in treatment decisions. The healthcare industry as a whole continues its shift from volume to value, refocusing payment models around the quality and cost of patient outcomes. Amidst this growing complexity, the old models for life sciences organizations no longer work. We’ll help you reinvent the way you go to market, from clinical development through to commercial, and we’ll give you the insights and analysis that you need to prepare for what’s next. 

  • Meetings + Events

    Many companies lack strong centralized processes for managing and analyzing their meetings and events budgets. Event performance is difficult for many companies to track—including metrics like ROI—because event scheduling and logistics are often handled in silos, with little to no visibility into who’s doing what. We’ll partner with you to determine your meeting and events objectives, design meeting programs and measure their effectiveness, help you identify and buy meetings-related services for savings and efficiency improvements, and help your business comply with regulatory and reporting requirements for all meetings-related expenditures.

  • Patient and Consumer Health Marketing

    Developing and implementing the right combination of consumer and patient marketing tactics is critical to achieving key business objectives for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers. ZS helps organizations identify and implement initiatives that offer a win-win opportunity: those that drive brand results and improve patient health outcomes.

  • People and Performance

    Today’s rapidly evolving marketplace is too complex to simply shuffle your current team into new roles and expect good results. The modern marketplace demands new strategies for attracting and managing the right talent for your business in real time. We’ll partner with you to develop new, data-driven strategies for attracting, keeping and improving the talent you need to meet your business goals. 

  • Pipeline and Launch Strategy

    The road to pharmaceutical commercialization has grown longer and tougher to navigate, and a robust product pipeline is no assurance of success. We’ll work with you to develop a customized road map that will improve drug development and commercialization efficiency to help ensure your business’s profitability. 

  • R&D Excellence

    In this increasingly cost-conscious and budget-constrained healthcare environment, pharmaceutical companies have to prove the value of their therapies to payers, physicians and patients with real-world evidence. At the same time, randomized clinical trials have become more costly and more complicated, increasing product development costs. We’ll apply our strategic, analytic and technological expertise to your R&D challenges, helping you succeed in clinical trials and improve the commercial performance of your products. 

  • Resource Planning and Deployment

    With your market and your business’s needs changing constantly, and your customers’ purchasing processes continuously evolving, you need an agile planning model with a thorough assessment of sales resources, and new ways to deploy them. We’ll partner with your team to develop a customized resource plan, assist you in setting the plan in motion, and then continually optimize your resource allocation to improve market share and maximize profits. 

  • Sales Compensation

    Great sales compensation programs take into account what motivates salespeople, how to promote desired changes in reps’ behaviors, what sales leaders and HR teams need, and what the C-suite’s goals are—and they also consider how all of these may change over time. We’ll partner with your sales teams to design and launch a motivational compensation program that will excite your sales force and promote top-line growth.

  • Value and Access

    The hurdles to a drug’s commercialization are growing increasingly challenging, as payers, providers and patients demand more compelling evidence of both the health benefit (the value) and the financial impact (the affordability) of treatments and therapies. Using a unique combination of thought leadership, multidisciplinary approaches to value, structured frameworks and client partnership, we’ll help you achieve commercial success in a rapidly changing environment.