Clinical development is changing quickly, with an increased focused on the patient experience and increasing interest in integrating virtual technology into trials.


Siloed structures and a lack of both data and competitive intelligence often present formidable hurdles when prioritizing portfolio investments and determining the optimal study design.

At a global scale, how can you predict the success of your clinical trials? It can be difficult to engage the right sites and investigators to ensure that you’re mitigating risk, maintaining quality and ensuring patient engagement.

You need to get a global and holistic picture of how your data is organized and the drivers of any shift to study performance, plus real-time data to enable you to make necessary modifications when needed.

Facilitate collaboration with our Clinical Design Center, a virtual environment that allows cross-functional teams to work together on the design of clinical trials powered by AI to speed trial program planning and execution. 

Accelerate planned and in-flight studies through a strategic evaluation of trial stakeholders (investigators, study coordinators and patients) to understand what they value in a study and how to engage them in the most impactful way.  

Design and build a global, future-proof CDR and statistical computing environment to transform your clinical trials while putting patients first using our proven validation strategy and change management approach.


Through a collaboration between ZS and Tufts University, this platform enables you to make real-time changes to trial design and planning through assessing patient burden, patient enrollment and patient engagement impact.