Our hiring process

We’re looking forward to meeting you

During our interview process, you'll meet passionate ZSers who can tell you more about the role, their experiences, our culture and our firm. They're ready to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision about the next phase of your career. Please note that your hiring process may differ depending on location, role and your specific needs.

What we’re looking for

Every ZS team member has the opportunity to make an impact starting on day one. That's why we seek talented, team-oriented people who are hungry for new experiences and eager to learn.

Love of learning
Curiosity is rewarded. ZSers are exposed to a variety of interesting challenges that satisfy
their appetite for knowledge and build expertise that will propel them forward.

We are a community of innovators. Zsers are energized by opportunities to bring their
unique point of view and creative solutions to our clients' and stakeholders' most complex challenges.

Collaborative mindset
Collaboration is at the forefront of our innovation. Tight-knit, cross-functional teams
power every solution. And the relationships forged on these teams can power a career.

Entrepreneurial spirit
We don't wait to adapt to change. We actively seek it out. Motivated by blazing the trail,
we encourage Zsers to take strategic risks, break new ground and leave their mark.

Tips for a successful interview:

  • Tell us details about your challenges, goals and the actions you've taken to meet the moment.
  • Demonstrate that you are curious and a constant learner who can take on a variety of challenges.
  • Show your capacity to leverage analytics and technology to bring innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Talk about your experiences working with others and collaborating with teams, especially under challenging circumstances.
  • Be confident in your unique experience and background. If you find the conversation stimulating, you'll likely thrive at ZS.

Our process

Online assessment


Depending on the role you are applying for, we may ask to gauge your knowledge through an online assessment. At ZS, we believe in continued learning and constant curiosity, so don’t worry about getting questions wrong. This assessment is to understand the knowledge you’ll come to ZS with, so we can place you on the right teams. Questions will check your understanding of logical reasoning, quantitative and qualitative reasoning and big data concepts such as cloud platforms, data management, data analytics and coding languages.

Behavioral interviews


Behavioral interviewing may sound intimidating, but really, we’re just getting to know you. We want to make sure you’ll be happy and successful at ZS and in the role you’re applying to. The number of behavioral interviews will vary depending on the role and location. Generally, behavioral interviews will be incorporated throughout the recruitment process, including formal conversations with your recruiter and other ZSers.

Case interviews


Case interviews provide a sneak peek into life at ZS. We’ll present you with a business problem to solve and assess your ability to approach the problem, create a plan, incorporate feedback and uncover new ways of thinking.

Case preparation and interviews can feel daunting and intimidating at first. If you can think of this as an opportunity to share your knowledge of basic analytics, structured problem-solving and communication skills, you’re already on the right track.

Subject matter expertise interviews


This interview will evaluate your subject matter expertise, quality of work, time management skills, stakeholder communications and problem-solving abilities. A team of ZSers will ask questions to assess your past projects and work, responsibilities relevant to the position you are applying for and steps taken to ensure quality of work.

We typically evaluate candidate responses based on the following skills:


Basic analytics

  • Demonstrate general quantitative skills
  • Show attention to detail and accuracy
  • Use data to draw logical business conclusions
  • Read and interpret visual representations of data

Structured problem-solving

  • Quickly learn and apply a new framework correctly
  • Identify the most important issues
  • Develop hypotheses and ways to test them (with or without data)
  • Create recommendations based on supporting evidence

Communication skills

  • Listen actively
  • Communicate findings and recommendations in a structured manner
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Probe for more information when necessary
  • Tie together thoughts logically and express them concisely

Tech (only for tech roles)

  • The ability to design and implement technical solutions
  • Experience working on technology solution delivery, engagements and technology implementations
  • Understanding of big data concepts, cloud platforms and data management and data analytics
  • The ability to understand business challenges and translate them into technical design


Does ZS provide sponsorship?

ZS offers visa sponsorship for full-time employees and support for interns with a student visa. Sponsorship type and reimbursement may vary based on the location, role and status of the ZSer, but our aim is to support visa sponsorship when and if possible. All immigration questions or concerns can be discussed further with the ZS Global Mobility Team before starting with ZS.

What are the different learning opportunities at ZS?

ZS offers an ever-changing portfolio of resources, tools, services and programs to expand knowledge, build skills and develop capabilities. This portfolio includes live, hybrid, and on-demand training. When ZSers join the firm, they go through our extensive New to ZS program, which includes a two-week orientation and other activities throughout their first few months. When ZSers are new to their role, they go through our milestones program. At all career stages, ZS offers ongoing development through learning programs and events and skill-building bootcamps facilitated through live sessions or on-demand digital learning content, specialized programs aimed at building leadership competencies, and more. ZSers can find everything they need on our intranet, called MyZS, and the Learning Hub.

What does the typical team structure look like?

Team structure can vary from project to project. For consultants, you will be assigned to projects within your regional client group based on the skill sets needed. A principal, associate principal, or manager will oversee the project to keep the team aligned to deadlines, key goals and client relationships. Consultants will work on project deliverables, collaborating with the many brilliant minds at ZS to maintain continuous learning and growth.

How do you get staffed on projects at ZS?

When working on fulfilling a staffing request, ZS staffers try to make the best match between the opportunity and our pool of ZSers. First-year ZSers are invited to explore across projects and graduate with an area of expertise, similar to a major or minor in academia. Non-first-year ZSers are staffed to projects based on their major and minor, availability, skill set and practice area.

What guidance opportunities will I receive at ZS?

All ZSers enjoy guidance opportunities from their team members and leaders. In addition to on-the-job training, you will be paired with a buddy, a more-tenured ZSer who can help you navigate through your first six months at ZS. You will also be assigned a professional development (PD) coach who will offer a safe space to reflect on your growth, explore opportunities for career development and help you develop strategies and action plans to achieve your desired goals.

How is performance evaluated?

Performance at ZS is evaluated using a combination of upward and downward review forms. These forms are filled out by both your managers across projects (downward reviews) and those that you manage (upward reviews). The criteria covered in review forms are spelled out in competency models. Competency models show the competencies and expectations for each role and level at ZS. Examples of competencies include: motivation and initiative, teamwork and people management, communication and quality of work.

Does ZS work in a hybrid model?

Yes, ZS works in a hybrid Flexible & Connected model. The Flexible & Connected model is our ZS standard where we expect all ZSers to spend the majority of the time together in person with clients or other ZSers (three days of your week on-site). This means we have the flexibility to work from home one or two days a week and the rest of the time should be at the client or in the office. ZSers should decide where it makes the most sense for them to work each day given client or teamwork, or the need to focus on individual tasks and projects.

Describe the culture at ZS.

At ZS, we live our core values of treating people right, getting it right and doing the right thing to drive life-changing impact in global healthcare and beyond. Every day, ZSers around the world see our six cultural hallmarks embedded into the work and people at our firm. Our cultural hallmarks include: impact, collaboration, growth, equity, empathy and empowerment.

How long until I hear back once I have submitted my video interview?

We are working to get back to all candidates in a timely manner. You can expect to hear back anywhere from 2–4 weeks during the busy campus hiring season.

Do I need to speak the local language to be considered for an office?

All ZSers must speak English, though a second language is preferred in certain offices. ZSers in Germany and Japan are required to speak the local language in addition to English.



How many rounds of interviews are conducted?

Our interview process differs based on role, level, region and other factors. Typically, candidates can expect 2-4 rounds of interviews, but your recruiter can provide specific details based on the role you are interviewing for.

Are candidates required to do any assessments?

Certain roles do require candidates to complete an online assessment. Your recruiter will walk you through the interview process for your specific role during your initial conversations.

My question hasn't been answered on this page, who can I talk to?

Reach out to your recruiter or email us at careers@zs.com.