To increase the efficiency of product development, effectively communicate value to stakeholders and garner their buy-in, you need to establish a holistic, cross-functional real-world evidence strategy. 

You need to ensure that your evidence generation is aligned with various stakeholders’ requirements, from product development and product safety to product value and marketing. 

Establishing a full-fledged RWE capability requires a solid strategy, investment and time. How can you accelerate the journey and start producing high-quality evidence that meets stakeholders’ needs?  

To create a comprehensive and futuristic RWE capability, you first need to establish a strong real-world data strategy to ensure that you’re proactively planning your evidence needs and investing in the right data.

We can help you plan proactively and address current and future data needs. We begin at your unique starting point and keep your organization’s goals in mind. 

A successful RWE strategy helps you showcase a compelling value story to key decision makers. We can help you establish a holistic evidence strategy that will fill all of your evidence generation needs. 

By combining our industry experience with our deep technological expertise, established talent pool and strong data partnerships, we can help you produce high-quality evidence quickly and in a customized manner, without you making huge investments up front. 


You can establish a federated RWE capability that balances centralization with autonomy so that research, functional and business users can leverage real-world data, perform analytics and make data-driven decisions while data is being processed.