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Planning for future evidentiary needs

It’s important to plan for and determine evidence needs effectively early in the solution development life cycle. Being proactive can help ensure regulatory and commercial success.

Recruiting for inclusivity and engagement

It’s vital to develop recruitment strategies that meet enrollment goals, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion objectives. We help deploy effective engagement strategies that reduce patient burden.

Integrating data from different sources

Clinical studies in digital medicine require the seamless collection and integration of data from wearables, remote devices, third-party data sources and more. 

Delivering quality and completeness through patient centricity

Patient centricity is the underpinning of successful studies that yield high quality data. Patient reported outcomes tools and devices can help collect data to make trial participation simple, intuitive and meaningful.


Challenges we solve

Not all evidence needs are equal. We design and deliver clinical studies and evidence packages that meet evolving regulatory, clinical and commercial demands. Digital medicine and evidence-based devices and solutions are our specialty.

Integrated evidence generation strategy and planning

Execution without a long-range plan for commercial launch can lead to missed opportunities. Use our evidence planning tools to prepare for your comprehensive evidence needs, from early proof of concept through post-market approval.


Digital-first clinical research organization

When choosing a research partner, it’s important they have digital in their DNA. Leverage our experience in digital health to manage studies that ensure regulatory-grade clinical research coordination and delivery from recruitment to closure.

ZS Connected Research™

In digital medicine trials, it’s important to choose a purpose-built solution for data capture that ensures regulatory-grade output. ZS Connected Research is a patient engagement data capture platform that simplifies digital and device-enabled trials.

Ecosystem partners

Evidence generation is a team effort. Our partnerships with academic research organizations, specialty sites, recruitment organizations and data partners allow us to stand-up and deliver clinical research quickly.


ZS’s approach

We collaborate with clients of all sizes to solve their most complex challenges. To accelerate evidence generation, we take a co-creation approach that aligns our clinical and technical expertise with best-of-breed technology solutions.

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