Learn customers’ preferences for digital and in-person contact. Orchestrate personal customer journeys and deploy AI to automate customer engagement processes and nudge field reps to act.

Arm your field team with CRM-integrated tools that give each rep a dynamic, personalized call plan and suggestions for how to engage healthcare providers with the right message. 

Create a personal experience for each physician. AI learns how physicians interact in digital and in-person channels and determines what digital action should happen next. Integrate with marketing systems to automate actions.

Enable modular content development for emails and other digital channels. AI-powered microtagging and optimization help you personalize every interaction.

Meet your customers' evolving needs and preferences. Data from digital and non-digital channels sync up to provide insight into how customers engage with your brands, products and the broader healthcare ecosystem. 

Run and train ZS industry-tested algorithms from our library, including our next best action and dynamic targeting algorithms. Or develop and incorporate your own algorithms to create something new. 

Use the latest propriety ZS data in your models or dashboards. Affinity Monitor® aggregates real-world healthcare professional engagement data to understand channel affinities. Access Monitor™ uses rep access metrics to learn which doctors open doors to pharma sales reps.