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In more than 30 years of experience working in Japan, ZS has helped solve complex global challenges for top companies in healthcare and beyond. ZS offices are located in Tokyo and Osaka.

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ZS helps solve complex business issues in healthcare and beyond, across Japan and the world.


ZS in Japan

Tap into innovative technology and approaches that ZS has built from decades of experience in life sciences to help you respond to rapid changes in healthcare and beyond.

Expertise in the Japanese life sciences market

A significant part of ZS’s business in Japan is in healthcare. Our expanding team features global and local experts who are keen to solve tough challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare spaces.

End-to-end strategies to implementations

Whether you’re looking to transform your business or optimize key processes, we deliver practical results weaving together data, analytics, AI capabilities, organizational design, change management and more.

Proven market results

We pair deep local industry expertise with leading-edge analytics and robust software solutions to create results that work in local markets across the world.

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Staff augmentation service related information. ZS Tokyo office is engaged in staff augmentation service. The average margin rate as of June 2017 is 52%. The wages of our augmented staff are determined by the labor-management agreement method.