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ZS combines deep sales, marketing and pricing expertise with rigorous, fact-based analysis to help private equity clients make—and implement—effective decisions, and to accelerate profitable organic growth.

ZS works with private equity companies—from diligence to post-acquisition—to drive profitable revenue growth and capture greater market share in four key ways:

  • Ensure the right customer coverage plan. Limited selling time driven by the lack of clarity around sales roles and a “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality frequently inhibit portfolio company sales forces from establishing and maintaining deep client relationships. We partner with you to:
    • Segment and target the right customers through an integrated sales and marketing approach
    • Redesign go-to-market strategies
    • Resize and redeploy sales teams for maximum effectiveness and efficiencies
    • Redefine account assignments
    • Proactively manage territories and pipelines
  • Increase the impact of each customer interaction. Private equity firms often struggle against ad-hoc sales approaches and limited sales resources. ZS works with you to:
    • Map out end-to-end customer engagement processes, including omni-channel or digital touch points that integrate sales and marketing initiatives
    • Define strategic sales processes
    • Develop account plans
    • Create and implement sales tools and enablers
    • Establish competency models and define roles
    • Identify and hire the right talent
    • Implement training to ensure sales team performance is continually optimized
  • Create performance-focused teams. Effective coaching and performance management complemented by a motivating sales compensation plan can boost sales force effectiveness. To combat common issues—such as sales force complacency and sub-optimal performance—we help you to:
    • Improve sales management capabilities, processes and structures
    • Commit to regular coaching and feedback
    • Engage in frequent and meaningful performance reviews
    • Define metrics and establish dashboards to monitor successes and identify potential issues
    • Create incentives and rewards that are fair and motivational
    • Develop a cohesive culture and manage change to ensure team alignment
  • Enable efficient and effective commercial operations. Once your sales team has been set up for success, the work isn’t done. You also need continual engagement and investment in various resources, including technology, to address varying profitability, cumbersome internal processes and tools, low CRM adoption and more. We help you to:
    • Create an effective, targeted marketing mix
    • Manage the right data
    • Produce actionable analytics
    • Run and optimize lead generation programs
    • Develop pricing and execution strategies

Contact Rodolfo Luzardo and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

In many cases, ZS’s private equity clients have realized revenue increases of as much as 20%, while some previously unprofitable companies achieved profit growth within one to two years. To achieve this, ZS asks critical and challenging questions to identify core initiatives and gauge success.

Commercial diligence and growth story:


  • How much can earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) grow in the next three to five years?
  • How much of the EBITDA growth is fueled by organic revenue growth?
  • Through what commercial strategies can your EBITDA goals be realized?


  • The acquisition of companies is less risky to the overall portfolio
  • Investment validity is ensured by testing the model and refining as necessary

“Build for growth” tactics:


  • Which growth investments are priorities?
  • Which tactics can ZS implement (such as adding people, processes and tools) to see success?


  • Positive growth of top-line revenue and EBITDA
  • Restructuring go-to-market strategies and customer and product mix to increase a company’s valuation

Exit value creation:


  • Which later-stage investments will alter the EBITDA trajectory?
  • What proof points will future owners require to place confidence in the EBITDA growth potential?


  • Maximize ROI by making the growth potential less risky and provide tangible proof points in the market

Contact Rodolfo Luzardo to discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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Contact Rodolfo Luzardo and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

Overwhelmingly, clients return to partner with us again. The first ZS client remains a client today.

As Private Equity companies transform their go-to-market strategies, ZS helps increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness and achieve improved outcomes. Following are examples of impact our clients realized by partnering with us:

Commercial Diligence Leads to PE Growth Investment in Payments and Tech-Enabled Services Software Company

A new commercial strategy drove the company to achieve 24% year-over-year revenue growth, and accelerated the add-on company’s subscription revenue growth rate 50% over the year before acquisition.

Sales and Marketing Under a Microscope

The sales personnel that ZS coached using new methods demonstrated a 10% increase in revenue generation in just six weeks. Flinn Scientific was able to reduce unnecessary and duplicative work that has saved significant time and costs, and then use those cost savings to hire additional salespeople.

How an Industrial Manufacturer Reversed Growth Decline

ZS worked with a global manufacturer to develop an actionable customer segmentation, a new sales structure and geographic deployment, and additional roles to better align sales talent and cost with the needs and value of each customer segment. In the two years after these initiatives launched, company revenue grew at a 12% compound annual growth rate above plan, driven significantly by market share gains.

Turning Underperformance Into Competitive Advantage Through Commercial Improvement at a Chemicals Distributor

New go-to-market models enabled this global chemical and plastics distributor company to successfully differentiate itself from key competitors. Estimates indicated that this strategy has driven 25% year-over-year EBITDA growth, as well as a 25% reduction in cost-to-serve over 15 months.

Strategic Account Management Program Spurs Rapid Growth for Industrial Services Supplier

ZS worked with the company to build a SAM program designed around four accounts, which represented about 15% of total company revenue. One year after the program launched, strategic account revenue grew 26% over the previous year while non-strategic account revenue declined by 5%.

Changing the Growth Trajectory Through Sales Force Excellence in Product Sales

ZS worked closely with the company to design and implement a host of solutions. Six months after partnering with ZS, the company grew its sales force by more than 50%.

Contact Rodolfo Luzardo to discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.