Maximize your launch success with end-to-end support, from strategy, planning and organizational design to marketing, analytics, operations and commercial technology.


Challenges we solve

Where to start

Setting the stage for your launch’s success begins up to two years prior. From market dynamics and customer segmentation to regulatory paths and tech enablers, there are a lot of strategic choices to make up front. 

How to build out your teams

To capitalize on market opportunities and meet customer needs, you need to ensure that your organizational structure and roles offer the right coverage. What HQ and field team roles do you need for launch? When should you hire or outsource?

Cross-functional launch management

How can you align your cross-functional team toward a common goal and work plan? Do you have the necessary processes, systems and performance management? 

Customer and stakeholder insights

To prepare for launch, you need customer journey and experience mapping, opportunity assessment, forecasting and valuation, and brand strategy with foundational market research to define actionable customer and stakeholder insights.


ZS’s approach

Starting 24 months before launch, we support interrelated launch strategy workstreams, including account segmentation, organization design, access and pricing, forecasting, cross-functional planning, data analytics and technology mapping.

Early strategic planning

We’ll help you synthesize customer and future competitor insights, shape the target product profile and value proposition, and develop differentiated products that can drive value in the future market landscape.

Go-to-market strategy and planning

We’ll help you maximize your launch success by prioritizing efforts toward the most viable customers, aligning your customer-facing efforts, and understanding what level of investment you need to make—and where—to achieve your launch goals.

Organization, operations and systems

ZS’s Cross-functional Launch Activity Blueprint™ (C-LAB™) supports country and multi-region launch planning and management; covers all key functions, workstreams and activities; and can be adapted for each client, product and market.

Agility and accelerating adoption

At launch and beyond, we address challenges and support KPI tracking with custom, cloud-based reporting and launch analytics. Tech-driven, on-site and remote support helps minimize the time between issue or opportunity definition and solution implementation.