Promotions & Marketing Mix

Cut through the noise, grab your customers’ attention and drive growth for your organization by optimizing your promotions and marketing mix strategy using deep customer insights and marketing messages aligned with your business objectives.


Challenges we solve

Identifying the best way to reach customers

To ensure that your message makes the desired impact, you need to select the right channels and messages based on observed customer preferences. 

Striking the right message balance

What messaging are your taking to your target audience? Does your content balance promotional priorities with customer needs? 

Creating realistic, actionable plans

Success is in the details. How can you create practical and actionable plans to deliver the right message in the right channel at the right moment to achieve optimal effect?

Assessing performance to improve ROI

To determine where your marketing investments will reap the best returns, you need to evaluate which promotional channels will have the greatest impact on brand performance.


ZS’s approach

We’ll help you build and implement promotion plans that generate more valuable business opportunities by tailoring customer outreach to your audience’s unique needs, interests, behaviors and engagement preferences.

Marketing mix planning

Determine the right marketing budget, marketing message and communication channels so that you’re optimizing how your customers interact with your brand—from media, discount and loyalty programs, and sampling to sales engagements, in-person events and beyond.

The right promotional strategy

With your budget and marketing mix in mind, we’ll help you build your promotional strategy—setting targets aligned with your goals, developing content, and determining the right distribution plan and frequency for your communications and campaigns.

Campaign optimization

Campaign launch is just the beginning. We’ll help you measure your campaign’s performance and refine your messaging and marketing mix to best attract and retain customers.

Strategic meetings and events management

Tap into our deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to create data-driven solutions that capture, measure and analyze the effectiveness of your meetings program—helping you drive efficiencies, trim costs and increase the program’s impact.