Sales Compensation

Build and run a sales compensation program that increases productivity, reduces the burden on sales leaders and comp teams, and empowers your sales force to drive their own success.


Challenges we solve

Customizing compensation programs

You need a sales compensation program tailored to your business’s unique needs and culture. 

Supporting field reps and HQ teams

Your sales compensation program needs to provide the right support to the right people at the right time.

Finding an end-to-end solution

Your sales compensation program needs the right balance of strategic incentive design, efficient operations, high-quality analytics and the latest technology.

Motivating your sales force

You need to track your team’s motivation and address performance gaps.


ZS’s approach

As an industry leader in sales compensation innovation, ZS has championed industry trends like plan customization and personalization, linking incentive compensation to total motivation.

Sales compensation plan design

Assess and identify gaps in your current plans, design effective incentive plans and facilitate plan roll-out with the right communication. 

Administration and vendor selection

Build the administrative backbone of your plan and manage it. Evaluate and select vendors, and implement new solutions.

Sales compensation software solutions

Use industry-leading sales operations platforms to help administer your incentive program. Solution features include sales crediting, incentive calculation, analytics and insights, and quota and MBO management. 

Motivation measurement through behavioral science

Our unique, objective measurement of team motivation, Energy Score, can quantify the motivation of your sales force to identify and address performance gaps through training, incentives, job design and communications.