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High-tech companies partner with ZS to accelerate profitable revenue growth by transforming their go-to-market strategies through increased agility, innovation and addressing their customers’ changing needs.

In a marketplace where the only constant is the relentless pace of innovation, high-tech companies are grappling with rapid changes in customer behaviors and the competitive landscape. Increasingly, customers are less focused on the technical elements of a product or solution and are investing in technologies that promise to deliver valuable business outcomes. New and traditional competitors are introducing offerings to capitalize on advancements in big data analytics, mobility and cloud-based delivery models. The result? High-tech industry leaders are rethinking all aspects of their go-to-market strategies in order to successfully navigate:

Innovation: Companies must quickly develop and take new products and services to market in order to capitalize on opportunities.

Industry Restructuring: High-tech leaders must become more agile to address effects of mergers and acquisitions while maximizing value for their customers, countering new threats and capturing market share.

Shifts in Decision Makers: New buyers and personas involved in purchasing decisions bring the need to more effectively target stakeholders and prove the impact of solutions.

Changes in Buying Behavior: Companies need to develop new capabilities in order to engage potential buyers through digital channels while providing a positive, multi-channel customer experiences.

Moving Beyond Products and Services: It is no longer enough to explain how a product or solution solves a business problem. Sales teams need to explain why solving that problem matters and ensure their sales and marketing teams are up to the challenge.

Contact Kyle Heller and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

Leading high-tech companies partner with us to accelerate profitable revenue growth.

Gain innovative approaches to capture and leverage customer insights and partner insights.

  • Focus on gathering the right data to address the right questions
  • Develop a deeper and more integrated understanding of customers and partners
  • Orchestrate specific actions to capitalize on improvement opportunities and utilize analytics to better predict the resulting impact

Apply data science to the right data and decisions.

  • Discover ways to provide value for customers and partners
  • Identify routes-to-market that address key purchasing decision drivers and influencers
  • Uncover opportunities to improve customers’ and partners’ experiences, capture mindshare and build loyalty


Leverage deep expertise in multi-channel optimization.

  • Integrate and optimize investments in direct, indirect and hybrid marketing, sales and delivery channels
  • Identify and enable channel partners with the right competencies to meet customer requirements and achieve productivity goals
  • Develop, enable and motivate talent within their sales and marketing organizations and among their partners

Contact Kyle Heller and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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Contact Kyle Heller and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.

Overwhelmingly, clients return to partner with us again. The first ZS client remains a client today.

As high-tech companies transform their go-to-market strategies, ZS helps increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness and achieve improved outcomes. Our clients typically realize a 10% increase in growth when they engage us to lead commercial transformations.

Following are a few examples of outcomes our clients achieved by partnering with us:

How Zebra Technologies Transformed Its Channel Strategy and Partner Program
Denise Hampton, senior director, channel strategy and programs at Zebra Technologies, explains how Zebra worked with ZS to develop its channel strategy and create a new partner program after its acquisition of Motorola Solutions’ enterprise business.

Digital Transformation of Inside Sales at Microsoft
How do you get the recommendations from more than 1,000 data points about your customers into the hands of your sales team? More importantly, how do you get them to act on these crucial insights? This video shows Microsoft’s digital transformation journey.

Aiming for Opportunities
Telecommunications company uses predictive analytics to accurately identify billions of dollars in cross-selling opportunities.

Streamlining Success
Transformation solves a disjointed sales force, created by acquisitions, at a global software and technology service provider to deliver 12% sales growth.

Post-acquisition Consolidation Drives Greater Revenues
Global technology mobile computing and printing solutions manufacturer integrates its sales organizations after a major acquisition and develops an integrated channel strategy and global partner program.

Compensation Transformation
An industry leading food and beverage software client redesigned its routes to market and Sales Force Effectiveness plans resulting in a 25% increase in first year sales bookings.

Empowering a Sales Force
An IT services provider completed a major sales transformation to redefine its customer engagement processes and improve sales support, which led to an increase in win rates to 65%.

Contact Kyle Heller and let’s discuss ways to deliver impact to your customers and accelerate profitable revenue growth.