ZS Discovery

We help clients reinvent pharma discovery, elucidate disease biology, innovate novel therapeutics and accelerate drug development to create breakthrough science and increase the probability of R&D success and patient outcomes.


Challenges we solve

We’re passionate about accelerating transformation in research and early development so clients can build capabilities in programmable biology across therapeutic modalities. Our integrated approach is multidisciplinary and led by science.

Creating better breakthrough science

We help teams elucidate and better understand disease biology, improve patient stratification through molecular and phenotypical insights and the leverage of patient clinical insights to optimize modality choice and identify novel targets, biomarkers and drug candidates.

Increasing the probability of success

We work with clients to reduce risk, scale the probability of scientific regulatory success and reimbursement success through data, AI, analytics and technology-driven platforms.

Transforming R&D organizations

We help organizations become more agile, overcome inertia, break silos and optimize the right talent pool to promote disruptive innovation, foster organization-wide transformation and drive nonlinear drug development.


ZS’s approach

Our talent pool of molecular natives has scientific expertise across disciplines, including therapeutic, molecular science, bioinformatics and data science. Their expertise, combined with AI and ML technologies, drives breakthrough science.

Drug discovery

We accelerate drug discovery by uncovering novel aspects of disease biology to identify new targets. We help identify biomarkers and design and execute experiments, while applying in silico methods to deliver therapies to market faster. 

Data and knowledge management

We help clients advance research by using data and AI platforms for in silico science. We leverage ML, customized bioinformatics analyses and multiomics platforms to make research data accessible and actionable.

Research strategy and transformation

We plan and design digital transformations of research and early development—including scientific strategy, benchmarking and more—while preparing the existing organization for the change.

Precision medicine

We leverage our expertise in population analytics and multiomics analysis of disease biology to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time.

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