Life Sciences R&D & Medical

Medical Affairs Q&A with Roche Diagnostics U.K.


AstraZeneca improves clinical development with RWE

Life Sciences R&D & Medical

BMS and ZS solve challenges with machine learning

ZS turns healthcare data into actionable insights

ZS partners with life sciences companies to deliver transformative outcomes for patients through a path led by data, analytics, technology and end-to-end expertise. We know that the next cure can’t wait.

Analytics that reveal answers

There is already a galaxy of life sciences data that could lead to the next cure. We’ll partner with you to make sense of it and chart a bold new path underpinned by analytics that drive decision-making.

Patients at the center

We’ll help you deliver sustainable solutions to help more patients—new treatments for rare diseases and efficient ways to deliver therapies to larger populations.

Technology that narrows the gaps

Optimizing clinical development, operations and patient experience can shorten the gap between ideas and therapies. Predictive medicine and digital technology bring needed efficiencies to R&D activities.

People who make a difference

Our diverse team of R&D and technology experts represents the range of backgrounds, experience and mindsets necessary to innovate—leaving legacy models and solutions behind.


As they help life sciences make new discoveries through R&D, our experts lend their own insights and analysis.


It’s time for life sciences to revolutionize R&D

Innovation isn’t done in silos. That’s why our experts support life sciences’ R&D efforts, from real-world data to artificial intelligence to clinical trial design and all points in between.

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