Commercial Model Design & Operations

Make your go-to-market process more efficient and effective by designing and implementing a commercial model and customer engagement strategy tailored to local markets and customers’ needs and behaviors.


Challenges we solve

Planning roles/responsibilities

How can you determine the right volume and mix of roles needed to deliver customer-facing activities?

Customizing territories

Considering the local dynamics, what’s the best configuration for each territory or region, and how can they be organized for collaboration? 

Focusing your sales efforts

Do your field teams have the data and insights they need to determine which customers to target, how to do so and how often?

Assessing performance

How can you best measure your sales force’s impact and programmatically improve its effectiveness?


ZS’s approach

We take an outside-in approach to commercial model design, examining your customer base and most influential stakeholders, and then helping you design and implement an engagement strategy, structure and operations to match.

Commercial engagement model design

Get a clear understanding of your customers’ needs to determine how to set roles and responsibilities that result in the most effective mix of commercial activities and customer focus.

Territory and personnel planning

Using our knowledge of your products and customers, and their geographic distribution, we’ll help you strategically place personnel into balanced territories designed using a mathematical index for maximum commercial effectiveness.

Dynamic targeting and field support

Build out the predictive analytics your field teams need for dynamic customer targeting. Our solutions deliver the data and insights to help your teams direct their efforts to the right opportunities at the right time.

Measurement and effectiveness

Design metrics and dashboards to monitor sales team performance against plans and ensure that business growth is on target. We’ll partner with you to distribute performance data to the appropriate leadership levels.