Artificial Intelligence

Effectively integrate AI-enabled solutions throughout your organization by determining how best to frame business problems for AI to help solve; harness the data, technology and skill sets you need; scale AI across teams; and measure its impact.


Challenges we solve

Where to apply AI solutions

A critical first step is to figure out where to apply AI solutions to gain the most traction and deliver early wins. You need to find the best path forward by considering your company’s business goals, analytical maturity, data access and current capabilities.

How to build the right team

AI is a specialized space and requires a specialized skill set. How can you leverage the skills of your current employees, identify new roles, engage teams across your organization, and ensure that AI is accepted and used effectively?

How to choose the right technology

Which AI technology suits your existing tech stack? Should you build it or buy it? Do you go with a tried-and-true vendor or work with a niche company? You need to choose the right technology to get the most out of your AI investment.

Where to begin

AI offers seemingly limitless opportunities for real impact, so where should you start? You need to plan beta tests, create change management strategies and build a road map to take your company from implementation to full organizational integration.


ZS’s approach

Analytics and technology are in ZS’s DNA. They’re embedded in everything we do, and they have been for more than 35 years. Our advanced data science capabilities—including AI and machine learning—power the tech solutions we build and the strategies we co-create with client partners.

AI strategy and design

Get end-to-end guidance and support to help you develop, implement and refine your AI strategy, team structure and technology—and the data management strategy to fuel it.

Customer affinity prediction

It’s a business truism that personalization improves customer engagement. Use our AI-powered customer affinity prediction to figure out which channels your customers prefer, which messages will truly resonate and when your customers need the information most.

Customer journey design

Customers need different information at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Tap into our advanced analytics techniques to plan the optimal sequence of personal and non-personal channels to increase your top-line sales. 

Next best actions and suggestions

While customer journeys are designed to provide an effective long-range engagement plan, the next best action approach provides you with customer engagement predictions that can help guide your engagement plan in near real time. 

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