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Embrace transformation with a digital manufacturing strategy

Building a technology-enabled operation requires a tailored, people-first approach supported by a digital transformation strategy, governance and partnerships. How can your company take advantage of smart factory thinking and digital capabilities? 

Build agility and transparency by harnessing the power of plant data

Siloed processes and data prevent organizations from standardizing and leveraging data. Identifying high-value use cases for AI and analytics adoption—coupled with a well-defined technology-enabled data strategy—can empower real-time decision-making.

Optimize manufacturing performance with built-in quality

To mitigate recent market disruptions and remain competitive, organizations must focus on optimizing cost, quality and service. Explore how to use the right combination of Industry 4.0 tools and technologies to improve your manufacturing processes.  


Challenges we solve

Manufacturing data strategy and intelligence

As therapies evolve, there is a need for real-time sensing and analytics. That’s why we launched the ZS Manufacturing Decision Studio—a unique smart analytics solution to improve planning and operations management.

Digital smart factory

We can enable successful adoption of Industry 4.0 by interconnecting systems and AI-enabled predictive and prescriptive real-time decision-making solutions. This can be useful in experiment design, maintenance, quality planning and more.

Digital twin and automation

ZS uses cloud technology and AI solutions to connect Internet of Things data across sites. Our solutions can create digital replicas and perform what-if scenarios to monitor, analyze, control and optimize processes that improve yield and compliance. 


ZS’s approach

Seeking to advance your digital transformation journey and secure a competitive edge? Our unique Industry 4.0 solutions harness smart technology to transform processes and enable real-time decisions that improve the bottom line and enhance quality.

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