Access Strategy & Implementation

Navigate access journey requirements at all stages of the life sciences product life cycle, from pre-launch evidence development to post-launch payer and provider partnership arrangements and contracts.


Challenges we solve

Assessing stakeholder priorities

When you’re bringing a new therapy to market, it’s critical to understand what drives each of the decisions along the access journey and assess priorities for stakeholders in clinical, humanistic, economic, organizational excellence and public health benefit domains. 

Communicating value

Many organizations focus their therapy value stories on a small set of stakeholders, such as physicians and payers. With today’s focus on value and affordability, a coordinated value program also needs to include medical communities, provider organizations, patients and influencers.


ZS’s approach

Our access journey framework is a unique approach to help you develop an effective access strategy that’s aimed to address customer value needs, considers affordability concerns, and is optimally supported with value and evidence communications.

Negotiation preparation

Prepare for negotiations with payers and providers confidently, leveraging clinical trial and real-world evidence to support your value story.

Contracting strategy and decision support

Access our contract decision support tool to help you anticipate and address stakeholders’ needs. Implement a comprehensive contracting strategy that allocates rebates to managed care organizations to drive utilization.

Analytics and data

Design effective co-pay offset programs to help overcome your patients’ cost sensitivities with our comprehensive payer analytics.

Real-world evidence strategies

In today’s value-based environment, clinical evidence is key to addressing payer access strategy during access negotiations. Leverage real-world evidence strategies to further substantiate long-term patient outcomes and help you achieve commercial success.