We celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion

We honor the visible and invisible elements of our identities, personal experiences and belief systems—the ones that comprise us as individuals, shape who we are and make us unique.


Our mission

At ZS, diversity, equity and inclusion go well beyond what meets the eye

We welcome and celebrate the visible and invisible elements of our identities, experiences and belief systems. We’ve made it our priority to foster a culture where every person receives support based on their respective needs, feels heard and respected and is enabled to thrive.

Instilling a deep sense of belonging in all people

At ZS, we believe in inclusion and the importance of reflecting the diverse, interconnected world in which we live and work. It is important that ZSers across the globe see themselves represented and valued at our firm.

A reflection of our core values: Treat people right, get it right and do the right thing

Having a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is naturally aligned with our simple yet powerful values by which we live—and helps ensure every ZSer has fair access to opportunities and support based on their respective needs.

Harnessing the power of DEI to drive innovation and achieve better results

We believe diversity, equity and inclusion expands and enriches the ideas, knowledge, perspectives and capabilities we draw on in all aspects of our work, and fuels richer collaboration, individual growth and wellbeing, and greater client impact. 

Embarking on an ongoing journey

Our diversity, equity and inclusion goals will forever evolve as we strive for continuous improvement within our organization. Beyond our walls, we’re partnering with our clients and communities and, contributing to solutions that will foster a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and accepting world for all. 


ZSers taking action

To drive positive change across ZS, we foster community and a sense of belonging through education, leadership programs, networking and our Belonging Networks: ZSer-led employee resource groups. Our Belonging Networks consist of seven inclusion and diversity groups (IDGs) and two people and culture-related groups.